Friday, November 29, 2013

Pilgrim Hat

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!   I meant to post this yesterday, but I didn't.  :( 
I made this hat on a whim.  I modified a witches hat (pattern here) to make a Pilgrim Hat.  I decided to make my Pilgrim a little flashy.  Mine has an animal print band and rhinestone buckle!  Whoo HOO!  :)  Oh, I know, I KNOW!  A girl can have fun once and a while, right?
Enjoy your day!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Bottle Bag

Bottle Bag
Around my neighborhood there is usually some talk (jokingly of course) about how we can disguise wine bottles so that the wine can be enjoyed and not necessarily known that your drinking from a wine bottle.  :)  Things like bling, flowers, and straw are discussed.   I say we but I don't really like wine, but that doesn't mean that the creative side of me doesn't kick in. 
I actually have some ideas floating in my head to address this ummmm I'll call it issue. 
Today, I started with a pattern tutorial I came across on Pintrest.  See it here.  I have been in a little bit of a sewing slump lately.  I have so many ideas for patterns in my head that I want to attempt, but when I take the time to sew I kind of freeze.  So, sometimes I will  grab a pattern to hopefully help get me going.  That's what I did today.  The tutorial is a little rough around the edges and I made a few very slight changes. 
Here is my finished bag. 
 The changes I made are:  I cut my handles 4" x16" then folded in half  wrong sides together.  Opened it up and folded each raw edge to the center crease.  I then folded in each short edge in about 1/4".  Then re-folded and pressed  the long edges together.  Then edge stitched along all sides. 
On the inside of the bag, I cut binding 2 1/4" x 40".  After I pressed the binding using the same method as described for the handles, I added binding to the top and bottom of  each piece by cutting it into four 10" pieces.  I encased the raw top and bottom edges of the inside piece by placing it close to the pressed center crease of the binding.  Then edge stitched close to the bottom fold of the binding.  I then sewed the two inside pieces together down the center. 
I also changed the binding to be 2 1/4" x 33 1/2" for each the front and the back.