Sunday, September 30, 2012

Witches Hat

October is right around the corner!
I finally got some Halloween sewing done.  There's more I'd like to sew but I'm easily distracted I guess.  :)
I am going to use my hat for decorating purposes. 
I decided to make my hat out of orange polka-dot cotton fabric.  I used a heavy weight interfacing.

There is wire in the brim and in the hat. 

Here is a link to the pattern I used.  Witches Hat


Friday, September 28, 2012

Hambo Hoedown #84-Harvest Bunny

Happy Hoedown! 

How sweet is this week's image...I guess that's actually a statement not a question.  Here, I'll try again.  This weeks image is SWEET!  Better?  :)  It is "Harvest Bunny" digital image from Hambo Stamps. 
I'm having issues with taking pictures tonight. 
For the oval shape on the sketch, I used the Cricut Fabulous Finds Cartridge to cut an oval bookplate.  It is hard to see but I did add some zig zag stitching. 
I've had the paper that I used on this card waaaay too long.  It is from an old scrapbook kit company that is no longer in business.
To attach the twine, I attached two eyelets on the top and two eyelets on the bottom and looped the twine through those eyelets.  Do you want to know how I got that idea?  Well, it's because I usually tape the twine to the back...but my kids took off with my tape.  I keep buying more tape and it keeps disappearing.  So, that's the long story of why my twine is attached that way.  :) 
Anyway!  Although it is hard to tell because it is still warm 'round here, you can actually tell it's autumn.  Well, OK, so my allergies are telling me it autumn.  :)
Have a great week! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3-in-1 Convertible Backpack-A Bag For All Reasons

I really like almost all of the patterns in Lisa Lam's new book " A Bag For All Reasons."  I just need to find the time to make them all.  :)
The first pattern I made was this 3-in-1 Convertible backpack.

I didn't add any of the ring loops to the front flaps of the bag. 
I  used home decor weight fabric with a heavy interfacing for the front and a broadcloth (with a heavyweight interfacing) for the inside.  I didn't use all of the batting, etc...
For the bottom I sewed in a case to the bottom of the inside of the bag and slipped in needle point plastic. 
I am having problems reading through the instructions in this book.  I'm certain it is a me thing.  However, on this particular bag I didn't see where you should place the BBLFR (bag back loop and flap reinforcement) piece.  I took a guess and I think I could have placed it a little higher on the back of the bag. 
bag back
On the inside I added a slip pocket and a zipper pocket. 
 A wonderful reader shared that there is a correction on this pattern.    See below:
Edited in:
I was told that there has been a printing error with that pattern and that it should have been corrected with the latest batch of books. If anyone should get a previously printed copy, here are the instructions I recieved (that should follow step 26):

“Three in one convertable (bblfr)

The bblfr needs to be stitched centrally over the bag flap (on the bag back exterior). The top edge of the bblfr needs to be placed one centimetre above the bottom edge of the bag flap (so the bottom edge of the bag flap this covered by the bblfr). PS the top edge of the bblfr will have the d-rings and grab handle pointing upwards.“

Digital preview: A Bag for All Reasons
Lisa’s blog:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Make It Monday-Reflected Sentiments

I learned something new with this week's Make It Monday Challenge.  I searched through all my PTI stamps and didn't find many that I own that work with this technique.  I had fun trying anyway.
I tried to work fast but my ink kept drying before I could place it and press.  I used ink that usually takes longer to dry.    Who knows, maybe it is the weather.  :)  Ya, I'll blame the weather. 
I used Paper Trey Ink's Button Boutique, It's A Celebration and Year of Flowers-Roses stamp sets. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hambo Hoedown-Bird Balloon

Happy Friday! 
We've been having beautiful weather.  Unfortunately, my allergies have been enjoying the weather as well. 

Here is my card using this weeks Hambo Stamps digital image "Bird Balloon."

For the  chevron I used a chevron mask and some markers.
Enjoy your week!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Make It Monday-Card Aisle Inspiration

This week's Make It Monday Challenge is such a great idea!  Unfortunately, I get in trouble if I get caught shopping in the card aisle..something having to do with all this crafting stuff I have.  So, I did some shopping  online.  I used this as my inspiration. 

I used Iconic Images and Garden of Life stamp sets from Paper Trey Ink. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mummy Bag

Hello again! 
I had fun playing, again.  Like the bag I made yesterday, I made this for the Hambo Hoedown Challenge. 
For this bag I used "Mummy" digital image from Hambo Stamps.  I colored it in on the computer and printed it on a t-shirt transfer.  I ironed the transfer  to a torn rectangle of muslin. 

Here is my little tutorial on how I made this bag.  I used muslin.
Seam Allowance is 1/4"
Cut two pieces 24" long by 14" wide. 
Cut two pieces 18" long by 4" wide for handles.
Tear several strips of fabric. 

To make the lining:
1.  Fold one 24"x14" piece of fabric in half matching the 14" sides.  Your fabric will be 12"x14".  Press a crease on the fold. 
2.  Along the bottom fold and the edge measure and mark a 1 1/2" square on each side.  Cut this square out. 
3.  Then sew along the edge from the top of the bag to the square you cut out.  Do this on the other side.  Press the seams open. 
4.  Match the side seam with the bottom crease and sew the edge closed.  (this will be the side width of the bag).  Repeat on other side. 
Set the lining aside. 

For the front of the bag follow steps 1 and 2. 
Then randomly sew the torn strips of fabric to the front of the bag.  I used a zig zag stitch to attach them.  I only sewed the strips to the front of the bag (stopping at roughly the top of the cut out square--aka the bag bottom edge)  but you could sew the strips to your entire 24"x12" piece of fabric. 

For the Handles, fold and press each 18"x 4" strips of fabric in half so you have a 2" by 18" strip.  Fold in each long raw edge to the center crease.  Then fold in half again.  You will now have a 1" by 18" strip.  Edge stitch along each long side.  I zig zag'ed a torn strip of fabric  down the center of each handle. 
On the front measure 5" in from each side edge  mark along the top of the bag.  Repeat on other side.  Then repeat for the back of the bag. 
Place handles with the side of the handle touching the 5" mark and stitch in place.  Repeat for other side of handle.  Then repeat for other handle.
Stitch the front/back together similar to lining (steps 3-4). 
Place the "Mummy" image rectangle aligning it with the lines created by the cut out square. 
Sew the outside and lining together by placing right sides together and stitching along the top edge. Make sure handles are tucked in out of the way.    Leave an opening for turning ( I left my opening between the handles on the back of the bag).  Turn the bag inside out and press along the top edge.  Then edge stitch along the top edge to finish the bag and to close opening.  On this bag I used a zig zag stitch again. 
Please share if you make a bag...leave a message.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hambo Hoedown #82-Monster Yell Bag

Ah!  We actually had cooler weather this week.  The cooler temps helped my training runs be much easier--as if running is not painful-HA!!  :) 
I LOVE fall!  I have been using a scent warmer with a cinnamon-y smell.  MMMMMM!  I am really in the mood to make some Halloween and/or fall items now!   My head is swimming with so many ideas that when I go to make something everything tries to come out at once.   So, please, wish me luck!
Since this week's Hambo Hoedown Challenge is "anything goes",  I attempted something a little different.  I  finally figured out how to crop an image (or sentiment) and how to color on the computer.  It probably helps that I finally got some software installed on the computer, huh?  :)  So, when playing around I printed off a few images to play with...adding to my  ever expanding list of project ideas.  In other words, if time permits there might be some more projects coming soon. 
For this treat bag (or gift bag), I colored in and printed on to a t-shirt transfer the Hambo Stamps Digital image "Monster Yell". 
I made the little tote  bag out of muslin scraps.  Then I cut out the "Monster Yell" image and ironed it on to the bag. 
Enjoy your week!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Favorite Bag-Kati Cupcake

One of my neighbors is expecting a boy.  So, I decided to make her a diaper bag (hope she likes).  I had a difficult time trying to decide the style of bag to make.  Finally, I chose the My Favorite Bag Pattern by Kati Cupcake.  This bag is PERFECT!  At least I hope she thinks so.  :) 
Before I began I had read reviews on this pattern.  Many had stated that the bag is much bigger than it appears in pictures.  This is true, but I think it will be great to tote around all those baby necessities. 

I used a heavy weight interfacing instead of all the batting, etc. called for in the pattern.   I attached interfacing to the front/back main and front back lining pieces, as well as the front/back pocket and front back pocket lining pieces.  I added a piece of needle point canvas to the bottom but did not add all the extra interfacing. 
I think I'm going to have to make one for myself, when I find the time. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hoedown #81-Mouse Painter

I hope everyone had a great week!

Here is my entry for this week's Hambo Hoedown using "Mouse Painter" a digital image from Hambo Stamps. 

I colored in the Mouse Painter image using a paint brush, water and inks.  I  used the Sizzix-Cityscape die for the bottom. 

I have been keeping busy attempting to train for my half marathon. My ankle injury is doing better.  However, my runs have been sluggish with all this heat and humidity. 

Have a great week!