Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lunch Bag-The Remodel

This is the lunch bag I put together for my son...very quickly.  See other bag post here.   
I started out using a pattern but, I made several changes.  I also decided to line the bag and add insulation.  I appliqued the letters by tracing the letters in reverse on Steam-A-Seam 2.  I then placed these traced letters on a piece of fabric and ironed it.  Then I cut out the letters, peeled off the paper backing, and placed the letters where I wanted them on the bag.  I ironed the letters again.   Then I stitched the letters to the bag. 
 My son gave me the okay on this bag.  :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Lunch Bag

  This lunch bag is made from my own pattern.  I came up with the pattern a few years ago. 
So, I decided that my son needed a new lunch bag for the new school year.  He is now in high school and the recent Sew Sweetness Peas and Corn Lunch Bag Pattern wouldn't work for my young adult--or so he told me.
I figured that as long as I used "Manly" fabric all would be okay.  Well, I guess not.  I got all the pieces cut out; partially sewed it together and showed it to him.  I thought the "LUNCH" was GENIUS of me---my son being so sarcastic and all.  He told me it looked like a purse.  I corrected him....It's a "Murse!"   HA!!!  Murse, of course, stands for man purse.  HA!!! 
Anyway, I guess I managed to make another girl-y lunch bag. Back to the drawing board. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The All-Purpose Wallet Pattern from Charmed Liebling

Again, I was given the wonderful opportunity to test an awesome pattern. 
This is the front of the All-Purpose Wallet from Charmed Liebling.  I decided to play with my ruffle foot and add ruffles to the front of the wallet. 

Instead of using the phone pocket closure rectangle (in the pattern), I made and added a flower over the top of the elastic cord.  I also used an eyelet border along the side of the card slots instead of ribbon.  After attaching the card slot pieces per the instructions,  I zig zag stitched down each side of the card slots a few times.  Then I added the eyelet border.  Oh! One other slight change I made.  On the card slots I added 3/8" to the length so that I could fold to the wrong side two times to enclose the raw edge.   
This wallet includes lots of what I look for in a wallet: zippered coin pocket, card slots, bill slot AND a place for my cell phone.  LOVE IT!  My phone will fit in the pocket but only if I take it out of the protective case.  Next time I might try to add darts to the bottom of the phone pocket or add a little gusset around the side and bottom so my phone will fit. **UPDATE: When the pattern was released Anna from Charmed Liebling addressed the cell phone pocket.** 
The pattern includes a pattern piece for the main front and back.  The instructions are easy to understand and include lots of helpful pictures.   This is a new favorite pattern of mine.  I'm sure I'll have to make more.
To make this wallet I used all scraps.  The main front/back pieces and the zippered pocket lining are cut from muslin.  The chevron and French print used for the pockets and slots are scraps.  For the main front/back and phone pocket interfacing pieces, I used Pellon Decor Bond 809 on all pieces.  For all other interfacing pieces, I used a very lightweight fusible interfacing scrap. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Peas and Corn Lunch Bag Pattern

 What a wonderful lunch bag pattern I was given the opportunity to test for Sew Sweetness.  It is the Peas and Corn Lunch and Snack Bag Pattern.  The pattern includes instructions for a rounded lunch box and a square lunch box AND a zippered snack bag. 
I love the shape of the rounded lunch bag.  I was in the mood to make this lunch bag.  So, I did.  :)
I decided to add a big bow on the front. 
 To make this bag I used a brown cotton canvas on the outside.  I used a lightweight interfacing (scrap) on the back of the brown canvas.  I also used the insulated fleece.  Since I used flannel backed plastic table cloth material for the inside, I did not use By Annie's Soft and Stable that the pattern suggests.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

ReLoved Clothing Backpack-- Part #2

If you remember back to this post, I made a few backpacks for a neighbor using outgrown clothing from her children.  This was such an awesome experience!  I'm very glad she thought of this and asked me to create these bags for her.  It really challenged me creatively. 
She showed me a bag that she liked.  I made a pattern resembling that bag.  Then I took all the articles of clothing she brought me and tried to put it all together so that it didn't look all mish least that was my goal. 
After I drafted the pattern then tested it on an old pair of jeans, I had my necessary changes.  I cut all the bag pieces from fusible interfacing.  I used these interfacing pieces when I went to cut and fit the clothing.  Sometimes I marked the clothing with a removable marking pen then cut.  Other times I just fused the interfacing then cut.  On occasion I had to cut then turn under rough edges then top stitch to fill the spaces. 
 I chose which pieces of clothing to highlight in the bag by watching as my neighbor showed me the clothing and mentally noted which pieces of clothing she seemed to be more emotional about. 
This is the first bag I made using her clothing. 


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Zip Around Wristlet Wallet

I came across this extremely cute wrist wallet.  It is called the Zip Around Wristlet Wallet by Studio Cherie.  Those of you who know me understand one reason why this gets a vote from me.  HA!!! 

Front with ID holder

I knew from reading about the pattern that it was going to be challenging.  I was in the mood for a challenge....BRING IT ON!  :) 

I decided to make this wallet for my daughter's friend.  My daughter was invited to a birthday party, and I wasn't quite sure what a teenage girl would want.  I hope this will work.  When I asked my daughter if this would be good...she said "uh huh"  like I'm only somewhat paying attention to you mom so I'll just say uh huh.  :)

Overall this is a great pattern.  The instructions are very clear and include lots of helpful pictures.  It is definitely for an experienced sewer.  I don't always read instructions before I start cutting and sewing, but I did for this pattern.  I found that if I didn't quite understand while reading the pattern that it became clearer as I was sewing it. 

My fingers are a little sore.  I did try to follow the instructions while attaching the font/back and insides to the zipper, but it just didn't work for me.  I had to leave the bottom part of the zipper unsewn (where it attaches to the spine) until the end.  I then attached the zipper by using lots and lots of pins, and that is why my fingers are sore.  :)

Front with ID holder
Back with zipper pocket
the spine