Saturday, August 3, 2013

Zip Around Wristlet Wallet

I came across this extremely cute wrist wallet.  It is called the Zip Around Wristlet Wallet by Studio Cherie.  Those of you who know me understand one reason why this gets a vote from me.  HA!!! 

Front with ID holder

I knew from reading about the pattern that it was going to be challenging.  I was in the mood for a challenge....BRING IT ON!  :) 

I decided to make this wallet for my daughter's friend.  My daughter was invited to a birthday party, and I wasn't quite sure what a teenage girl would want.  I hope this will work.  When I asked my daughter if this would be good...she said "uh huh"  like I'm only somewhat paying attention to you mom so I'll just say uh huh.  :)

Overall this is a great pattern.  The instructions are very clear and include lots of helpful pictures.  It is definitely for an experienced sewer.  I don't always read instructions before I start cutting and sewing, but I did for this pattern.  I found that if I didn't quite understand while reading the pattern that it became clearer as I was sewing it. 

My fingers are a little sore.  I did try to follow the instructions while attaching the font/back and insides to the zipper, but it just didn't work for me.  I had to leave the bottom part of the zipper unsewn (where it attaches to the spine) until the end.  I then attached the zipper by using lots and lots of pins, and that is why my fingers are sore.  :)

Front with ID holder
Back with zipper pocket
the spine

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