Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chic Hobo Bag

This is the Chic Hobo Bag from the book Bags The Modern Classics by Sue Kim.
I really love this book!  I added the's not part of the pattern.   
I had to fend off the children before they took over my sewing room. Since I haven't been sewing much lately, I wanted to make a quick bag. It only took me about 4 or 5 hours from cutting to finish--with interruptions! Whooo HOOOO! I have to admit, I did not read the instructions. I almost glanced at the pictures. :)
I think I'm ready for spring...of course in these here parts we never really get winter. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kindle Cover

This is a cover for my daughter's Kindle.
Being that I'm such a great Mom and all...I let her choose the fabric. Ok...She was drawn to the purple polka-dot fabric...I strongly suggested the other fabrics. I even kept changing my her mind. I wanted to use my ever increasing stash of scraps and remnants.   
I have been in a creative rut lately. I try to sew or paper craft and don't know where to begin or what to make.  Then I get interrupted and have several other non-fun projects to cleaning--blech!  Does it ever end?  LOL!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hambo Hoedown

Hello!  I'm baaaaack!  I guess I took a little bit of a break--where did the time go?   I haven't really made cards in a while.
This week I used Frog Prince Digital Image from Hambo Stamps.   
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Houston Half Marathon

Here is my BFF and me at mile 13.  Only .1 miles to go!  Despite several injuries throughout our training, we were able to FINISH!!!  Since this was our first race, our goal was just to finish. 
It was a cold, dreary, rainy,  windy, and rainy day.  Did I mention rainy?  After the race I was dripping wet from the rain.  I had to ring out my clothes.  Thank goodness for moisture wicking!  After a while I didn't feel the cold unless we stopped running.  Then I would get cold.
I was very impressed at how organized this race was. 
After crossing the finish line we were given a banana and a bottle of water.  It was the "best banana ever!"  or so I heard a few times!  LOL! 
I have felt a little lost since my training sessions have not been as long as they were a few weeks before the race.  I have still managed to keep my same schedule...(sprints, cross train, maintenance run...) I've just been running less miles.  I did sign up for a 4 mile race that will be Feb. 16. 
As for future races???  Well, I guess we'll see...

Friday, February 1, 2013

Glenda Clutch

This is made with the Glenda Clutch pattern from Bags The Modern Classics by Sue Kim.  She also has a web site filled with great patterns.  IThinkSew 
This was very quick to put together.  I was able to use scraps.  I also added the pink handle.  I cut a piece of fabric 2" by 14".  I fused interfacing to the back.  Then I folded it down the center.  Opened it and folded each long raw edge into the center again.  Then folded and edge stitched down each side.  I attached the handle to the side of the bag. 
I applied interfacing (Pellon 809) to both the front/back pieces and front/back lining pieces.  Also to the front and back of the flap.  I did this because the fabric I used was very thin. 
For the flower, I played with some scraps. 
Here is a pic of the inside.  I added a pocket by cutting another lining piece then folding the raw edge down a few times and sewing across the top.  Then I basted it to the back side of the lining piece.  I sewed down the center to divide the pocket. 
Have a great day!