Monday, September 23, 2013

The Cargo Bag

This purse is the Cargo Bag from My Favorite Things Patterns. 
This is a really neat bag.  It is expandable.  There is a zipper that goes around the bag so that it can be expanded....see below.

 This bag has a two zippered pockets on the outside.  One has a zipper the other a flap closure. 
This was my first My Favorite Things Pattern.  The instructions were very clear and easy to understand.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Zip Around Wallet # 2

This is another Zip Around Wallet from Studio Cherie that I made.  See other Zip Around Wallet post here
 I was able to use all scraps.  I chose to use the cell phone pocket on the front and the zip pocket on the back.  Next time I will enlarge the pattern a little so that my phone will fit better.  It will fit in the front pocket now but it really needs to be slightly larger. 
Zip Pocket
Inside with zip pocket and card slots. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Working Girl Laptop Bag from Charmed Liebling

Once again I was allowed the wonderful opportunity to test a pattern for Charmed Liebling.  This is a laptop bag. 

I chose to use a tweed like floral embossed fabric for the outside. 
Instead of using piping I cut strips of the lining fabric 2 1/4" wide.  I pressed it in half lengthwise and attached it with my ruffler foot. 

 I also changed the handle.  Since I had a 1 1/2" wide metal rectangle and a 1 1/2"adjustable slide.  I changed the length of my handle to a finished length of 1 1/2" wide by 60" long.  I also made the strap extenders wider to a width of 1 1/2". 
I love all the pockets in this bag and a nice space for the laptop.  There is also a hidden zipper pocket!  I LOVE IT! 
When I was out taking pictures of this bag, a neighbor stopped by and got a look at this bag.  She LOVED IT!  

Friday, September 6, 2013

Necessary Wallet-Cherry

I decided to make myself a Necessary Wallet Clutch with a strap for my summer travels.  It is perfect for when I don't want to lug the "mother ship" bag around.  :)    This time I made sure that I added the optional removable strap.  I also made the strap long enough that I can carry it across body. 
I have managed to use this for the past several months and I just love it!
One of the things I originally loved about this wallet is that there is space for a cell phone.  I have noticed that when this is full there isn't  very much room to put my cell phone in, too.
This is made from the Necessary Clutch Wallet Pattern from Emmaline Bags.   Check out the Emmaline Bags site!  She has some CUTE patterns....and more. 
Click here another version of this wallet that I made. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Coupon Wallet

On occasion I will clip and use coupons.  So, I thought I needed to make myself a coupon wallet.  
I used McCall's pattern M6768.  For the most part this is a decent pattern.  
Below are a few issues and changes I will consider next time I make this coupon wallet: 
On step 9--attaching the card slot pocket--even though I knew what the instructions were getting at, I think maybe the illustration was for attaching the second slot pocket.  I had to reread this step a few times. 
I don't like how the raw edge at the bottom of the bill slots is left exposed.  Granted you only see this if you pull the bill slot pocket open and look.  Next time, I will  try tucking the raw edges in at the bottom of the slot pocket piece, press, then edge stitch this to the main piece. 
I attached the Velcro before basting the inside and front/back pieces together so that the stitching isn't visible on the opposite side...especially on the front flap. 
I sewed the dividers at the bottom.  Otherwise they are able to move waaaay out on either side--possibly dumping coupons.  
Okay--bad me!  I should have clipped the curves of the flap before hand sewing the binding.  But in my defense---I decided to hand sew this while on a car trip and I had forgotten my sharp scissors.  :)
Since I was using scraps, and directional fabric, one side had to be upside down....that is why the lady is on her head.  :)  However, you'll notice that the back is correct.  If I'd had more fabric to play with I would have tried to correct this. 
The flower is not part of the pattern.  It is just me playing with fabric....watchin' YouTube videos....
This is showing 6 card slot spaces.  There are 6 more at the front of the wallet, too.  There are also spaces on the back side of the card slots....maybe for receipts, or paper currency?
The inside...Here are the dividers and the zipper pocket. 
The back
  This is a neat wallet!  It is actually somewhat similar to the Necessary Wallet.   The Necessary wallet is constructed differently and has fewer dividers.