Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Saturday!

I know, this is not a craft project post.  It's something a little different....if you will. 
I've had it in my head to make mini cupcakes for the past several days.  Last weekend I attended a few different craft shows.   There is a lady that has a mini cupcake business that she runs out of her home.  She sells them for a little over $1 per mini cupcake.   They are the cutest most scrumptious looking cupcakes!  The person I was with bought a tiny little box of four and was kind enough to share with me.  YUMMMMMYYY! 
So, that is why mini cupcakes have been on my mind.  I had to make some.  I dug out my cake decorating supplies and my mini cupcake supplies.  Then got to work.  I even made my own homemade frosting.  How is that for overachieving today?  HA!   
They turned out cute--If I can say so myself. 
I've been working on an online class today and I keep trying to talk myself out of running down and getting a snack.  Every time I think of these little things I channel Agnes in the movie "Despicable Me!"  I must say "It's so FLUFFY!"  (Click on quote to see clip from movie.  It's toward the end of clip.)  That is one of my favorite sayings.  I guess that's an insight into my warped sense of humor.  It's amazing how applicable it can be in so many different contexts. 
Hope you all have a SWEET Saturday! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Midtown Messenger Bag

This is the Midtown Messenger Bag from Betz White.  It is April's Bag of the Month Club Bag. 
Midtown Messenger Bag-front
Lately, I have been making bags for others out of outgrown clothing they provide me.   So, I decided to make a bag from some of my children's outgrown clothing.  This bag was made from a pair of my son's cargo shorts, a pair of jeans, painter's cloth, and scrap fabric. 
  Since I deiced to use a pocket from the shorts on the front of the flap, I changed the pattern slightly here.  Instead of cutting the flap strip, flap center panel and flap side panel, I used the flap lining panel to cut the top of the flap piece.  The pocket on the flap is useable.
I love the look of the Tuck Catch Closures, but I had a hard time finding them.  There wasn't much of a selection online, either.  I finally had an "Aaaah Haaa! Moment."  I searched for and found the closest leather specialty store.  That is where I got the ones I used.   They were less expensive than the ones I found online, too. 
Midtown Messenger Bag-Front of bag under flap
Under the flap there is a divided slip pocket on the front.  I've left the pockets (from the shorts) useable.  Whew!  It was not easy to cut these pieces.   
Midtown Messenger Bag-Zipper top
This is a picture of the inside of the bag.  You can see the tablet pocket.  This pocket closes with a Velcro square.   
This is the back of the bag.  There is another slip pocket here.  As you can see, this is the top front of the shorts. 
I've tried on several occasions to make a "m-urse"  (A.K.A-a bag for a man).  :)   The men in my family  always tell me that the "m-urses" I make are too "girlie."   I thought "Oh ya!  I've got it now!  If I use my son's clothing, then it for sure will be 'manly.'"  So, what did they say when I showed them this bag?..."It looks girlie."  Whatever!  :)
So, what do you think?  Is this a "girlie" bag?