Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Saturday!

I know, this is not a craft project post.  It's something a little different....if you will. 
I've had it in my head to make mini cupcakes for the past several days.  Last weekend I attended a few different craft shows.   There is a lady that has a mini cupcake business that she runs out of her home.  She sells them for a little over $1 per mini cupcake.   They are the cutest most scrumptious looking cupcakes!  The person I was with bought a tiny little box of four and was kind enough to share with me.  YUMMMMMYYY! 
So, that is why mini cupcakes have been on my mind.  I had to make some.  I dug out my cake decorating supplies and my mini cupcake supplies.  Then got to work.  I even made my own homemade frosting.  How is that for overachieving today?  HA!   
They turned out cute--If I can say so myself. 
I've been working on an online class today and I keep trying to talk myself out of running down and getting a snack.  Every time I think of these little things I channel Agnes in the movie "Despicable Me!"  I must say "It's so FLUFFY!"  (Click on quote to see clip from movie.  It's toward the end of clip.)  That is one of my favorite sayings.  I guess that's an insight into my warped sense of humor.  It's amazing how applicable it can be in so many different contexts. 
Hope you all have a SWEET Saturday! 

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