Monday, December 9, 2013

Rhine Valley Bag Pattern By Charmed Liebling

Sorry, I am so late in getting my pictures of this bag posted.  It's been one of THOSE months, you know? 
I was allowed the wonderful opportunity to test this bag for Anna at Charmed Liebling
I decided to go a little on the wild side with the fabric....looks similar to the pilgrim hat huh? :)  I got this fabric at a big discount.  A local store was going out of business and selling bolts of home d├ęcor fabric for next to nothing! 
The only slight change I made while making this bag was the handles.  I made these myself and added them a little differently than the instructions.  I attached the handles as one of the last steps.  After assembling the front/back and lining together. 
This is the view of the top of the has a zipper closure.  Zippers may scare away some, but the instructions are clear and easy to follow.  I like to have a zipper closure in the bags I use. 
This is the inside of the bag. There are two huge dimensional  pockets on one side of the inside of the bag. 
This is the back of the bag. 
This is such a great bag!  It is on the larger side.  I don't know about you but I like to take larger bags when I travel.  There just seems to be so much more that I need to stuff in my purse.    I love the flap pockets on the front and the zipper top closure.  The inside pockets are great, too!   
Go get this pattern and make yourself one of these great bags--Rhine Valley Bag Pattern from Charmed Liebling.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Pilgrim Hat

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!   I meant to post this yesterday, but I didn't.  :( 
I made this hat on a whim.  I modified a witches hat (pattern here) to make a Pilgrim Hat.  I decided to make my Pilgrim a little flashy.  Mine has an animal print band and rhinestone buckle!  Whoo HOO!  :)  Oh, I know, I KNOW!  A girl can have fun once and a while, right?
Enjoy your day!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Bottle Bag

Bottle Bag
Around my neighborhood there is usually some talk (jokingly of course) about how we can disguise wine bottles so that the wine can be enjoyed and not necessarily known that your drinking from a wine bottle.  :)  Things like bling, flowers, and straw are discussed.   I say we but I don't really like wine, but that doesn't mean that the creative side of me doesn't kick in. 
I actually have some ideas floating in my head to address this ummmm I'll call it issue. 
Today, I started with a pattern tutorial I came across on Pintrest.  See it here.  I have been in a little bit of a sewing slump lately.  I have so many ideas for patterns in my head that I want to attempt, but when I take the time to sew I kind of freeze.  So, sometimes I will  grab a pattern to hopefully help get me going.  That's what I did today.  The tutorial is a little rough around the edges and I made a few very slight changes. 
Here is my finished bag. 
 The changes I made are:  I cut my handles 4" x16" then folded in half  wrong sides together.  Opened it up and folded each raw edge to the center crease.  I then folded in each short edge in about 1/4".  Then re-folded and pressed  the long edges together.  Then edge stitched along all sides. 
On the inside of the bag, I cut binding 2 1/4" x 40".  After I pressed the binding using the same method as described for the handles, I added binding to the top and bottom of  each piece by cutting it into four 10" pieces.  I encased the raw top and bottom edges of the inside piece by placing it close to the pressed center crease of the binding.  Then edge stitched close to the bottom fold of the binding.  I then sewed the two inside pieces together down the center. 
I also changed the binding to be 2 1/4" x 33 1/2" for each the front and the back. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

HYCCT Day 31---The Final Day of HYCCT 2013!

Today's challenge "Here we are, the last day of this wonderful month of challenges for such a worthwhile cause. This is the first of three challenges today and since it has been a month of "heartfelt" love and support, I thought it would be fitting to have a challenge to create a heart shaped card or a card that contains hearts. "

Read more:
Supplies Used:  Stamps:  Heidi Grace
Coluzzle-Primitive Heart, Banner

HYCCT1331B-Group Hug
This challenge "Sometimes messages are sent from or to groups of people, messages of thanks, messages of encouragement, messages of hope... sometimes it is great to feel the arms of many at one time... your challenge is to create a card that is simple in nature, and large in its message. Use sentiments or images that reflect a message from or to a group of people, and allow the patient to send or receive a Group Hug."

Read more:

Supplies Used:  Stamps:  PSX Designs-Antique Alphabet, Double D Rubber Stamps


HYCCT1331C-Pick A Team!:  I Can't Believe It's Over!

"What I want you to do is create a black and white card, with just a pop of one of the colors listed below - indicating your "team." you do not have to know anything about the show or these characters to play - you just have to pick one of these six colors for your pop.

1) Green (Team Walt)
2) Purple (Team Marie)
3) Brown (Team Hank)
4) Pink (Team Holly)
5) Blue - (Team Skyler)
6) Yellow - (Team Jesse)"

Read more:

I decided to add a pop of yellow.  I haven't watched Breaking Bad.  So, I have no idea who Jesse is.  I just decided on yellow because I never use yellow.  I thought I'd try something different. 
Supplies:  Stamps:  Inkadinkado-Bold Damask
Dies:  Nestabilities-Square
Template:  Hot Off The Press!-Fold It Bows!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HYCCT Day 30

HYCCT1330-Sparkling Season
Today's challenge:  "With the holidays fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to have a challenge focused on making holiday cards. In order to make them "Sparkling Season" holiday cards, my requirement is to use glitter on your cards.

So make a Halloween card, a Thanksgiving card, a Christmas card, or even a Valentine's Day card with glitter on it. Bonus points to those who use PINK on their cards!! "

Read more:
I used this MOJO sketch for this card.  I don't know what I'd do with out sketches. I LOVE to use them!
For glitter, I used the Tsukineko Glue Pad then applied glitter on the heart.  I also used some seam tape as a ribbon. 
Supplies:  Stamps:  Heidi Grace-Valentine's Day, Savvy Stamps-Polka Dot Heart

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kennedy Bag

This is another great bag I was allowed the opportunity to test for Sew Sweetness.  As of the time of me typing this, I believe that the pattern will be avail. on the Sew Mamma Sew site. 
The pattern has you use buckles on the flap and on the sides of the bag.  I was unable to find the right size buckles.  I looked several luck.  So, I had to ad lib a little bit.  I used slider bars in place of the buckles on the flap.  Also, since I didn't have any swivel hooks, I made my strap longer, ran it through rectangle rings, and made it adjustable with a slider bar. 
For the side of the bag, the pattern instructs you to use 1" wide buckles.  I couldn't find two matching 1" wide buckles.  The closest I could find was 5/8" wide buckles.  So, I changed the size of my side accent pieces to 1 1/8" wide x same length.  I punched a hole in one side accent piece as instructed, folded it in half and basted this to one side of the side piece.  Then I sewed three sides of the other accent piece wrong sides together, trimmed seam allowance, clipped corners, turned right side out and edge stitched along three sides.  I basted the raw edge to the opposite side of the side piece.  I marked where the buckle prong would hit the accent piece and punched a hole.  I added an eyelet in the hole.  I repeated this for the other side of the bag.  To tack the loose hanging strap I cut a piece
1 1/8" x 2 1/2"  I folded the raw edges of the 1 1/8" side to meet in the center.  I edge stitched along each side.  I then folded under one raw edge 1/4" and glued it.  I let this dry then wrapped this around the overhang and side accent piece and glued it, again.  I glued it because I used faux leather and wasn't in the mood to attempt to sew it.

This is the inside of the bag with a divided slip pocket on one side and a large zipper pocket on the other.   
 Click here to see what all the other talented bag makers did with this pattern. 

HYCCT Day 29

HYCCT1329-Subway Art with Heart
Today's challenge:  "Hello everyone one and welcome to the (Subway)Art with Heart challenge! Subway Art is simply any art you see on the street that isn’t graffiti. Think bill boards, kiosk signs, the sides of busses ect. All you need to take this challenge is a piece of subway art as your inspiration (or you can use the photo below) and of course to put a little of your heart into it! If you choose to use your own inspiration piece please be sure to link it in your description and tell us how you used it. "

Read more:
Here is the link to the printable I used.  I googled "subway art printable."  I found this site.  There are lots of other NICE printable avail. on that site. 
I decided to add a pumpkin in the corner. 
Supplies:  Subway Art Printable:  Eighteen25
Stamps:  DJ Inkers-Plain Pumpkin

Monday, October 28, 2013

HYCCT Day 28

HYCCT1328-I Clearly Care 
"My challenge to you today is called "I Clearly Care" and it is to create a card that shows you "clearly care" -- stamping on acetate, plastic, shaker cards, with glaze, etc. - with shades of pink somewhere , of course!"

Read more:
I made a shaker box out of the gumball machine. 
Supplies:  Stamps: Victorine Originals-Gumball Machine Set, My Sentiments Exactly-Retro Alpha

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vogue 8741 Bag

 This bag is made from Vogue Pattern #8741 by designer Marcy Tilton.  It is view C-D.

I made this bag out of faux leather or vinyl.  Although I like how the bag turned out, I do not recommend using this type of fabric for this particular bag.  It was a HUGE pain. 

This is a picture of the top of the bag.  It has a tie closure.  This is a huge bag with tons of pockets inside. 

This is the inside of the bag.  There are 4 pockets along the outside (see dark grey with white dots).  These are four separate pockets...they are divided.  There is the pocket in the front, back, and each side. 
Before I sewed this bag, it was a little difficult to understand the pocket configuration. 
The roomy center inside area is the white with grey dots.  There is a zippered pocket in this section, too. 
I changed the handles.  I like a strap that can go over my shoulder.  The instructions have you cut a strap in half.  Then cut each half in half.  Since I wanted the strap to be longer I did not cut it in half the second time.  I knew my sewing machine would NOT forgive me if I tried to sew the straps on--again this is because I used faux leather.    Also, I knew the stitching would come undone easily.  So, I attached the handles using rivets.  I then added the covers from the pattern.   I wasn't happy with how the straps looked.  So, I thought on it for a little bit.  I then had an idea to make straps to tie around each  handle cover.   Now I LOVE this bag!  Although, if I were to make this bag again I'd still make the handles even longer. 
In my past experience with Vogue Patterns, there was usually a critical place where I couldn't understand what the instructions were tyring to say and I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to put it together.  That was NOT the case with this pattern.  The instructions were easy to understand.  The main confusing part was on the envelope back where the fabric requirements are...I had a difficult time figuring out the difference between view C and D.  Also, as stated earlier, the inside configuration wasn't very clear. 

HYCCT Day 27

HYCCT1327-Honor Your Elders
Here is today's challenge "Thank you so much for checking out my challenge! In our culture, our elders are not always held in such high regard. Think about it for a minute. Was there some older person in your life who really made a difference? It could be a family member, a teacher or professor, healthcare professional, a clergy member, a neighbor, so many possibilities! So lets make a card to honor your elders. Extra points for vintage and/or using gold. If you have time, let us know who you are honoring and why."

Read more:
I think I hit all the points on this card.  I made it somewhat vintage and used gold.  :)
It's hard to tell but that is metallic gold paper in the background.  I stamped vintage ads with black ink on it, however, it is mostly covered. 
Supplies Used:  Stamps River City Rubber Works- Ladies with Hats & Purses, Hero Arts-Ads
Dies:  Sizzix-Rat-A-Tat Alphabet

Saturday, October 26, 2013

HYCCT Day 26

HYCCT1326-Mix It Up
Today's challenge "is to create a card using MIXED MEDIA!! Don't be scared. It's not hard, I promise. And I'm sure you already have the tools, items you need to make a really scrumptious, glorious, something-special kind of card.
  • mixed me·di·a
  • A technique involving the use of two or more artistic media, such as ink and pastel or painting and collage, that are combined in a single composition. "
For my mixed media I used ink and acrylic paint.  I think those two count as mixed media.  I first used my text stamp with ink.  Then I used red acrylic paint on the polka-dot stamp and stamped over the text. 
I actually sketched the image on my card!  If it looks like a dress (or shirt) to you then....well....we'll call it a miracle!    I am not able to draw.  Honestly, I can almost make stick figures resemble stick figures.  A few months ago, on a whim, I bought this sketch book "Doodling in French:  How to Draw with Joie de Vivre" by Anna Corba.   WOW!  This book is amazing!  I've practiced several sketches from this book and I actually sort of look like I know what I'm doing.  I really enjoy this book. I used that book to help me with the dress (or shirt) image on my card. 
Supplies:  Stamps:  Postmodern Design-Wooden Ruler, Sassafras Lass-border, Cornish Heritage Farms Stamps-Lined Paper, Vintage Text.  EK Sucess Nostalgiques-Typewriter ABC Set, PTI-Polka Dot Basics
Dies:  My Favorite Things Stamps-Rolled Rose

Friday, October 25, 2013

HYCCT Day 25

HYCCT1325-  A Listening Ear
So, I decided to use this Inky Antics Stamp where the turkey is wearing bunny ears for today's challenge.  :)  I tried to find the correct name for the stamp but it must be retired.  I stamped the "gobble, gobble" with Antique Lowercase Alphabet Set by PSX.  The "Ummm!" is Tiny Classic Letters from Hero Arts.  "Happy Easter" is from Stampendous. 
Other supplies used:  Stamps: Cornish Heritage Farms Stamps-Notebook Paper
Dies:  Nestabilities-Scalloped Circle, Circle, Sizzix-Oval Tag
Template:  Hot Off The Press!-Fold It Bows Template
Paper:  Sassafrass Lass

Thursday, October 24, 2013

HYCCT Day 24

HYCCT1324-Keep It Under Wraps
Here is today's challenge.  "...we are going to cover something up: a plain spiral notebook, legal pad, composition book etc. and turn it into something pretty.

As a nurse, I always tell my patients to write things down to ask when the Dr. comes around and I would buy stacks of cheap notebooks at dollar store to give them instead of plain charting paper. I want you to make a decorated (altered) notepad of any kind that can be used by the patients to jot notes, keep address of new friends, family to leave notes, journal of their journey, etc. Since this is Breast Cancer Awareness month, please put at least a spot of pink on it."

Read more:
I'm running at 1/4 speed today.  I ended up getting a flu shot yesterday....UGH! 
I've been wanting to make one of these notebooks for my daughter for longer than I want to admit.  When I read about today's challenge, I figured this is the opportunity I needed to get me motivated.  I decided to use fabric so that notebooks can be switched out. 
 I used a single subject spiral notebook that I found on clearance at Target and scraps of fabric. 
This tutorial is very helpful in figuring fabric cut dimensions!   I will make another one of these at a later time--when I feel better.  I'm already thinking of creative details I could add. 
For today, I kept it simple.  I added a pocket on the back inside flap.  See pictures below.
Inside with pocket(red) on the inside back flap.
  The pocket on the inside flap can hold pens and/or business cards.  Papers can be slipped behind the front and back flap as well.  New notebooks can be switched out easily.   

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

HYCCT Day 23

HYCCT1323-Impossible Things Can Happen
Here is today's challenge.  "While I was thinking about my challenge I kept singing this part of the song "Impossible" by Rodgers and Hammerstein from Cinderella.

But the world is full of zanies and fools,
Who don't believe in sensible rules,
And won't believe what sensible people say,
And because these daft and dewy eyed dopes keep building up impossible hopes,
Impossible, things are happening every day.

And to quote the other Cinderella, the dreams that you wish can come true! Let's celebrate the magic of hope, faith, happy thoughts, and believing in the impossible.

My challenge is to make a card inspired by a fairy tale ."

Read more:
I was about to get rid of these stamps.  They are my daughter's stamps.  She's growd-ed up, now.  The other day I was trying to get her to watch an animated movie with me.  She told me "Mom, I'm not in the mood to watch a kid movie."  WHAT!!!???  I'm not ready for her to be all growd-ed up! 
But, have no fear! A few hours later she asked me if I'd watch that movie with her.  :)  Besides....if she stops watching kid movies with me, I might have to admit that those movies are for me!  LOL! 
I used Mojo Monday's Sketch #284 help me.   
Supplies Used:  Stamps:  All Night Media-Cinderella, Fairy Godmothers
Punches:  Ek Success-Border Punch
Dies: Nestabilities-Circle Die
Template:  Hot Off The Press!- Fold It Bows Template. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

HYCCT Day 22

HYCCT1322-Sending Flowers
Here is today's challenge:  "Nothing brightens someone's day like flowers. They are the first gesture we make when someone is down, and their beauty can truly change a person's outlook on a day. I know when I walk into my home and I have a vase of flowers, the room just feels different.

Papercrafters can send flowers every day - and we should! So my challenge to you is to brighten the days of these ladies in Houston with one or more flowers on your card. "

Read more:
I used a sketch from Mojo Monday to help me with my card.  What are are some of my favorite things?  Flowers and POLKA-DOTS!  I used both.  :) 
All the paper I've used  is from scraps.  So, I'm not sure what brands they are. 
The bunny image I've had a very long time.  Before there were cling stamps, Provo Craft had these clear stamps that were mounted on acrylic blocks.  That is what my bunny image stamp looks like. 
Supplies:  Stamps:  Provo Craft-bunny
Dies:  My Favorite Things Stamps-Rolled Rose, Nestabilities-Circle, scalloped circle
Punches:  McGill-Birch Leaf, Flower, EK Success-Border Punch
Template:  Ek Success-Slant Tag Template

Park West Bag

Here is another great pattern I was allowed the opportunity to test.  This is the Park West Bag from Sew Sweetness
On this pattern I decided to play a little bit.  I added the ruffles on the front and on the side pockets. I also used faux leather for the accent pieces. 
Other slight changes I made were on the handles.  I made the handle tabs 1/4" wider.  I also cut my handles 6"x 32" so that the finished handle would be 1.5" wide, because the metal rectangle I used had an opening of 1/5".  After I attached the handles to the metal rectangles, I folded the straps in half and edge stitched along each side. 

This is really a nice roomy bag--without being enormous!  There are lots of pockets.  It would make an excellent diaper bag.  The accents give this bag a touch of class. 

side pocket--with ruffle I added.

Okay--never mind my finger being in the way.  :)  This is the inside of the bag.  I added pockets on the inside lining on the sides.  There is a zipper pocket on one side and a slip pocket on the other.  I added the slip pocket--not in pattern. 
If you are looking for a great bag that is a little bit on the larger side to hold all those necessities, this will be the perfect bag for you!  I know that my kids think "mom=pack mule."  So, I'm always stuffing things in my purse that they hand me. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

HYCCT Day 21

HYCCT1321-The King of Rock 'n' Roll
Today's challenge " challenge is to be inspired in some way by Elvis and turn it into a card. You could use an image of Elvis or the idea of his sequined costumes or even the words or title of one of his many songs to inspire you. Something, anything inspired by the King of Rock 'n' Roll.
Songs I was thinking of include Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog, Return To Sender, It's Now or Never, Shake Rattle & Roll, Jailhouse Rock, (Let me be your) Teddy Bear, Viva Las Vegas, Love Me Tender. I know there are heaps more and you can find a very comprehensive list here if you need any more Elvis song inspiration: List of songs recorded by Elvis Presley

I used a Teddy Bear for the song Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear.  I also remembered I had the stamp set that had "Love Me Tender", "Love Me True", you know "I Love You!" 
Supplies:  Stamps:  Rubber Stampede-Little Suzy's Zoo-Boof Asleep, My Sentiments Exactly (I think?)  For the sentiments. 
Paper, Ribbon, Button:  Scraps

Feed Me! Bag

I was at a tool store with hubby.  I was bored.  I started looking at the painting section and saw these cotton drop cloths.  They were inexpensive.  So, I grabbed one.  I figured I'd make shopping bags or some type of utility bag with it. 
I first washed it. Then, I really had no plan...I just began cutting.   I'm sure that's not the best way to go about making a bag but...some days...ya know?
Since I've been participating in a month long card challenge for cancer patients, I'd been playing with my Cricut Machine.  I recently got a new cartridge, Chalkboard Fonts.  I love the fonts in this cart. 
I had an idea to cut words or phrases with my Cricut out of some type of plastic.  Then use this as a stencil.  That's what I did.  I used overhead transparencies that I've had a very long time. 
I made my design in Cricut Craft Room.   Then cut the words on the transparency sheet.  I used fabric paint and a sponge brush to apply it to the fabric. 
Since I decided to keep this bag really simple, I did not line the bag.  To conceal the seam allowances, I sewed it together using a French Seam. 
I stuffed the bag to take this pic.   I added a covered and removable piece of cardboard on the bottom. 
This bag is large.  With long handles. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

HYCCT Day 20

HYCCT1320-KISS Technique
Today's challenge is to use the KISS Technique.  "I chose KISS because it stands for Kindness in Showing Support... If it's all you can do, please show some kindness and mail some cards!!!! It means SO much to SO many!!!! "
I have been attempting to clean out some craft supplies, I came across a foam Fleur de Lis stamp.  I inked this stamp with yellow ink.  I then inked a newspaper print stamp in orange and "kissed" the Fleur de Lis stamp.  Then stamped it on to paper and cut it out. 
Supplies:  Stamps:  Plaid Enterprises, Inc.-Fleur de Lis, Above The Mark-Newsprint, Map, PTI-Just The Ticket
Die:  Spellbinders Nestabilities-circle
Punch: Paper Shapers-Ticket, Fiskers-Fleur de Lis

Saturday, October 19, 2013

HYCCT Day 19

HYCCT1319-Scene of Serenity
Here is today's challenge "Creating scenes has been a passion of mine since I first began paper crafting. My challenge for you today is to create a project with a scene. You can use stamped images, die cut images, free hand sketching or painting. The sky is the limit. You can make your scene extra special if you would add some shade of the color pink but it isn't required. Have fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with. "

Read more:
I'm not very great at creating scenic cards.  So, thought I'd again pull out the Cricut Machine. 
It's been one of those days where nothing was going together right. 
Supplies:  Cricut Cartridge:  Straight From The Nest,
Stamps:  PTI-Mat Stack 4
Paper...scraps.  I believe the paisley paper is from Creative Memories?

Friday, October 18, 2013

HYCCT Day 18

HYCCT1318-Put Your Brave Boots On
Here is today's challenge "so in honor of those brave boots, create a card that shows boots or shoes of some kind. it can be some fancy high heels to celebrate a night out on the town, some cowboy boots for a guy who offers support and love, hiking boots to show the nature that brings such peace during times of stress, some tennis shoes to show the Race for the Cure, ballet shoes to show dancing for the joy of life, or whatever fun shoes you can think of!"

Read more:
Supplies:  Stamps:  PTI-Green Thumb
Dies:  PTI-Doily Details, Buttons, Nestabilities-Circle

Thursday, October 17, 2013

HYCCT Day 17

HYCCT1317-Stand Tall
CHALLENGE: Stand Tall , make a tall card . I use a 12 x12 sheet of card stock; cut the paper 3 1/2" x 12" and fold it to be a 3 1/2" x 6" card. It fits into a business size envelope....perfect tall card!

Read more:
I've had a long, but very awesome day!  So, I used the Cricut Machine to make this card.  
Supplies:  Stamps-Studio G-Sending My Love
Cricut-Stretch Your Imagination
Paper:  Basic Grey?---scraps

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


HYCCT1315-Pocket Full of Hope

"Pocket Full of Hope challenge :
  • Create a pocket card, or a card with a pocket on it.
  • Bonus 1: To fill the pocket with hope, add a star or stars OR a heart or hearts.
  • Bonus 2: Make it orange (leukemia) or pink (breast cancer and our traditional color for HYCCT). "

Read more:

So, you ever have a day where the sponging gets away from you?  Yep, that describes me.  There was no color....waited...lil dab in ink....WAY TOO MUCH COLOR!  :) 

Enjoy your day!
Supplies:  Punches:  Marvy Uchida-Circle, heart
Dies:  Nestabilities-Scalloped Circle, Circle
Template: Hot Off The Press!:  Sweet Treat Pokcets, Coluzzle-Primitive Hearts

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

HYCCT Day 15

There are two challenges today. 
HYCCT1315a-Bursting with Hope
Today's challenge is to create a card using starburst.  "So I thought it would be fun to create cards for this challenge using a starburst design.

Your starburst should be created from either cardstock or patterned paper, and NOT be a stamped image. For your card, you may choose to follow the Starburst Technique tutorial linked below, you may freehand cut your starburst rays, or if you have a die that will cut the starburst shape you may use that! Some people call it a "sunburst" instead of a "starburst" and that's OK. If you'd like to use pink in your starburst you definitely may, but pink is not a requirement. "

Read more:
Dies:  Tim Holtz-Snow Flurries
Paper: K-Ology-Holiday
HYCCT1315b-Warm & Furry Fuzzies
Here is today's second challenge.  "This is the KIDS CHALLENGE and for everyone young at heart. the thought behind this challenge is to create a card ( or tag ) with an critter on the cover that is fur covered. ( warm and furry to cuddle ) any animal you please."

Read more:
Supplies:  Stamps:  A Muse Artstamps-Happy Birthday, Stampendous-Dream Text, Stamps by Judith-Bear

Monday, October 14, 2013

HYCCT Day 14

Today's HYCCT Challenge is to "...create a card that is totally Blingtastic. Use glitter and rhinestones on your card.

Read more:
This card is all glitter and rhinestones.  I did that neat technique where you take your cardstock, run it through the Xyron Machine, then cover parts of it with whatever design you want, add glitter, then remove the design that was covered, then add a different color glitter.  I die cut flowers then ran them through the Xyron Machine.  Then added glitter. 
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! 
I am not Canadian, however, my Canadian neighbor gave me some spray that allows me to "feel like a Canadian."  In reality it is a breath spray.  I, however, have been having a little too much fun with my new found "Canadian-ness."  What do you think about that, EH!  LOL! 
Supplies:  Dies:  Sizzix-Ric Rac, Tim Holtz for Sizzix-Tattered Flowers

Sunday, October 13, 2013

HYCCT Day 13

HYCCT1313-Sticking by You
"Hello Y'all!! Hope all is well. Today's challenge focuses on sticking by friends and family that need that your love! So today I would love for y'all to create a card with a Washi Tape Background!! Have fun and can't wait to see what y'all create!!"
I didn't have any Washi Tape.  I attempted to make some...didn't quite have the right was disastrous!  I ended up needing to go to the craft store for other items.  I picked up some Washi Tape. 
I decided to make a square card.  I very rarely make a square card.  Since I send in my cards with envelopes, I found this tutorial on how to make envelopes for all size cards. 

Read more:

To all those Canadians out there...Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 
Supplies:  Stamps:  Tattered Angels-Tattered Traveler
Tim Holtz Tissue Tape-Commute

Saturday, October 12, 2013

HYCCT Day 12

HYCCT1312-The Colors of October
" In honor of October make a card featuring pink, green, & yellow with a touch of something shimmery or opal looking. You may use any shade of pink, green, & yellow that you wish, pastels, earthy tones, or bright tones. Keep the theme of the card upbeat and happy"
For the shimmery I used glitter on the friend. 
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Supplies Used:  Stamps:  JudiKins-Background Deco, PTI-Faux Ribbon, Simple Sunflower
Die:  PTI-Simple Sunflower, Sizzix-Friend

Friday, October 11, 2013

HYCCT Day 11

HYCCT1311-Peace and Quiet
Here is today's challenge " After Angela's challenge (Words to Inspire) yesterday, my challenge to is to make a card that's full of Peace & Quiet. NO WORDS on the front. Let your image(s) do the talking and get your message across."

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Supplies Used:  Stamps:Fancy Pants Designs-(flourish), Stampabilities-House-Mouse Designs- Sleeping With Strawberries, Mudpie
Dies:  Spellbinders Nestabilities-Labels 6. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

HYCCT Day 10

HYCCT1310-Words to Inspire You 
 Today's challenge is to "make a card using words that are meant to inspire. What are words that keep you going? What's your mantra? Mine right now would have to be "Grow through it - you're stronger than you think you are" The inspiring words can be the focal point of your card or let the words go with the image you've used."
My words of inspiration are "tomorrow will be a brighter day."  I really wanted to use "It's 5 O'clock somewhere" but since I've been making lots of silly cards, I decided to be more serious.  Whew!  That can be hard sometimes. 
Supplies Used:
Stamps:  Above the Mark-Map, Sassafras Lass-Stitched Borders 2, Sassafras Lass-Edgy Edges, My Sentiments Exactly-Sentiment Stems, Unknown-transportation, Stampers Anonymous-The Journey

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


HYCCT1309-Strength of Steel
For today's challenge we are to use metal on our card.  Click here to read about today's challenge: Split Coast Stampers Thread
Whew!  This challenge stumped me! 
I knew I could use a metal charm, but  I've had metal mesh and sheeting sitting around for a long time.  I knew it was time to FINALLY use it!
I had such a difficult time coming up with a design.  I eventually just  pulled out all my dies and started thinking.  I die cut a few things, but nothing was working for me.  After lots of tinkering, I came up with this card.  I decided to add some texture to the metal with embossing folders and my paper crimper. 
Finally, I had my card all put time to glue it.  I tried every adhesive I own.  Nothing was sticking.  So, I had to pull out the hot glue gun.  UGH!  I burnt my fingers and I think I'll be pulling at glue stings for the next several hours.  :)   I even had trouble getting the hot glue to stick.  Things kept slipping and sliding around.  It's glued now--of course after it's on there crooked. 
I hope the rest of your day is not as messy as hot glue. OOOO!  That almost sounds wise.  :)
Supplies:  Dies:  Sizzix- Frame, the heart from Tabs, Heart and Square Boxes Die, Quickutz-Calvin Alphabet.
Embossing Folder:  Tim Holtz for Sizzix-Distressed Dots
Fiskars-Paper Crimper