Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vogue 8741 Bag

 This bag is made from Vogue Pattern #8741 by designer Marcy Tilton.  It is view C-D.

I made this bag out of faux leather or vinyl.  Although I like how the bag turned out, I do not recommend using this type of fabric for this particular bag.  It was a HUGE pain. 

This is a picture of the top of the bag.  It has a tie closure.  This is a huge bag with tons of pockets inside. 

This is the inside of the bag.  There are 4 pockets along the outside (see dark grey with white dots).  These are four separate pockets...they are divided.  There is the pocket in the front, back, and each side. 
Before I sewed this bag, it was a little difficult to understand the pocket configuration. 
The roomy center inside area is the white with grey dots.  There is a zippered pocket in this section, too. 
I changed the handles.  I like a strap that can go over my shoulder.  The instructions have you cut a strap in half.  Then cut each half in half.  Since I wanted the strap to be longer I did not cut it in half the second time.  I knew my sewing machine would NOT forgive me if I tried to sew the straps on--again this is because I used faux leather.    Also, I knew the stitching would come undone easily.  So, I attached the handles using rivets.  I then added the covers from the pattern.   I wasn't happy with how the straps looked.  So, I thought on it for a little bit.  I then had an idea to make straps to tie around each  handle cover.   Now I LOVE this bag!  Although, if I were to make this bag again I'd still make the handles even longer. 
In my past experience with Vogue Patterns, there was usually a critical place where I couldn't understand what the instructions were tyring to say and I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to put it together.  That was NOT the case with this pattern.  The instructions were easy to understand.  The main confusing part was on the envelope back where the fabric requirements are...I had a difficult time figuring out the difference between view C and D.  Also, as stated earlier, the inside configuration wasn't very clear. 


  1. Lovely. I have this pattern in my stash
    You were brave to use the vinyl!

    1. Thanks! I'd love to see the bag you make...if you use your pattern. :)

  2. I'm also trying to figure out the fabric requirements, and I plan to make version D, but I'm still not clear on the difference between view C and D. Is C without the inset? They're both reversible?

    You did a great job, BTW. Love what you did with the ties on the straps.

    1. Thank you!
      I recently moved. I've not been in touch with my sewing supplies for many months. Currently all my stuff is in boxes waiting for the sewing room to be finished.
      As for your questions, I've been trying to think off the top of my head. I'm stumped. For some reason I'm not sure they are reversible, but that could be it. It could also be that inset piece. Huh....good points! :)
      Re: the straps, I also added rivets to hold the handles in place.
      Good luck with your bag! Please share your bag. I'd like to see.