Thursday, October 24, 2013

HYCCT Day 24

HYCCT1324-Keep It Under Wraps
Here is today's challenge.  "...we are going to cover something up: a plain spiral notebook, legal pad, composition book etc. and turn it into something pretty.

As a nurse, I always tell my patients to write things down to ask when the Dr. comes around and I would buy stacks of cheap notebooks at dollar store to give them instead of plain charting paper. I want you to make a decorated (altered) notepad of any kind that can be used by the patients to jot notes, keep address of new friends, family to leave notes, journal of their journey, etc. Since this is Breast Cancer Awareness month, please put at least a spot of pink on it."

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I'm running at 1/4 speed today.  I ended up getting a flu shot yesterday....UGH! 
I've been wanting to make one of these notebooks for my daughter for longer than I want to admit.  When I read about today's challenge, I figured this is the opportunity I needed to get me motivated.  I decided to use fabric so that notebooks can be switched out. 
 I used a single subject spiral notebook that I found on clearance at Target and scraps of fabric. 
This tutorial is very helpful in figuring fabric cut dimensions!   I will make another one of these at a later time--when I feel better.  I'm already thinking of creative details I could add. 
For today, I kept it simple.  I added a pocket on the back inside flap.  See pictures below.
Inside with pocket(red) on the inside back flap.
  The pocket on the inside flap can hold pens and/or business cards.  Papers can be slipped behind the front and back flap as well.  New notebooks can be switched out easily.   

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