Thursday, August 15, 2013

ReLoved Clothing Backpack-- Part #2

If you remember back to this post, I made a few backpacks for a neighbor using outgrown clothing from her children.  This was such an awesome experience!  I'm very glad she thought of this and asked me to create these bags for her.  It really challenged me creatively. 
She showed me a bag that she liked.  I made a pattern resembling that bag.  Then I took all the articles of clothing she brought me and tried to put it all together so that it didn't look all mish least that was my goal. 
After I drafted the pattern then tested it on an old pair of jeans, I had my necessary changes.  I cut all the bag pieces from fusible interfacing.  I used these interfacing pieces when I went to cut and fit the clothing.  Sometimes I marked the clothing with a removable marking pen then cut.  Other times I just fused the interfacing then cut.  On occasion I had to cut then turn under rough edges then top stitch to fill the spaces. 
 I chose which pieces of clothing to highlight in the bag by watching as my neighbor showed me the clothing and mentally noted which pieces of clothing she seemed to be more emotional about. 
This is the first bag I made using her clothing. 


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