Friday, August 30, 2013

Lunch Bag

  This lunch bag is made from my own pattern.  I came up with the pattern a few years ago. 
So, I decided that my son needed a new lunch bag for the new school year.  He is now in high school and the recent Sew Sweetness Peas and Corn Lunch Bag Pattern wouldn't work for my young adult--or so he told me.
I figured that as long as I used "Manly" fabric all would be okay.  Well, I guess not.  I got all the pieces cut out; partially sewed it together and showed it to him.  I thought the "LUNCH" was GENIUS of me---my son being so sarcastic and all.  He told me it looked like a purse.  I corrected him....It's a "Murse!"   HA!!!  Murse, of course, stands for man purse.  HA!!! 
Anyway, I guess I managed to make another girl-y lunch bag. Back to the drawing board. 

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