Friday, September 14, 2012

Mummy Bag

Hello again! 
I had fun playing, again.  Like the bag I made yesterday, I made this for the Hambo Hoedown Challenge. 
For this bag I used "Mummy" digital image from Hambo Stamps.  I colored it in on the computer and printed it on a t-shirt transfer.  I ironed the transfer  to a torn rectangle of muslin. 

Here is my little tutorial on how I made this bag.  I used muslin.
Seam Allowance is 1/4"
Cut two pieces 24" long by 14" wide. 
Cut two pieces 18" long by 4" wide for handles.
Tear several strips of fabric. 

To make the lining:
1.  Fold one 24"x14" piece of fabric in half matching the 14" sides.  Your fabric will be 12"x14".  Press a crease on the fold. 
2.  Along the bottom fold and the edge measure and mark a 1 1/2" square on each side.  Cut this square out. 
3.  Then sew along the edge from the top of the bag to the square you cut out.  Do this on the other side.  Press the seams open. 
4.  Match the side seam with the bottom crease and sew the edge closed.  (this will be the side width of the bag).  Repeat on other side. 
Set the lining aside. 

For the front of the bag follow steps 1 and 2. 
Then randomly sew the torn strips of fabric to the front of the bag.  I used a zig zag stitch to attach them.  I only sewed the strips to the front of the bag (stopping at roughly the top of the cut out square--aka the bag bottom edge)  but you could sew the strips to your entire 24"x12" piece of fabric. 

For the Handles, fold and press each 18"x 4" strips of fabric in half so you have a 2" by 18" strip.  Fold in each long raw edge to the center crease.  Then fold in half again.  You will now have a 1" by 18" strip.  Edge stitch along each long side.  I zig zag'ed a torn strip of fabric  down the center of each handle. 
On the front measure 5" in from each side edge  mark along the top of the bag.  Repeat on other side.  Then repeat for the back of the bag. 
Place handles with the side of the handle touching the 5" mark and stitch in place.  Repeat for other side of handle.  Then repeat for other handle.
Stitch the front/back together similar to lining (steps 3-4). 
Place the "Mummy" image rectangle aligning it with the lines created by the cut out square. 
Sew the outside and lining together by placing right sides together and stitching along the top edge. Make sure handles are tucked in out of the way.    Leave an opening for turning ( I left my opening between the handles on the back of the bag).  Turn the bag inside out and press along the top edge.  Then edge stitch along the top edge to finish the bag and to close opening.  On this bag I used a zig zag stitch again. 
Please share if you make a bag...leave a message.

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  1. OMGosh!!! This is just the cutest thing EVER!!!! I have never seen a digi printed on an iron-on transfer... WOW, that is SOOOO great!!! LOVE your bag! I want one! Thanks for playing in the Hoedown this week!