Friday, March 25, 2011


How do you like this apple?
Ok, it's not an apple but, it works.
I don't crochet much. I am a beginner.
I remember my Grandma teaching me to crochet when I was a child. I made a scarf for my Barbie Doll.
Many, many moons later I got the bug to try crocheting again. I bought one of those teach yourself to crochet kits. I actually made a few flowers and a baby blanket for a friend.
My crocheting stash sat untouched for a few years. Ok, my kids got into it several times and scattered things around. So, maybe untouched isn't the correct term.
The pattern is from this fun book Lunch Bags! There are all kinds of patterns for...yep, lunch bags! They are sewing patterns. This is the only crochet pattern.
So, the other night I got the urge to crochet the Apple-A-Go-Go. 'Cuz who knows...that apple (or in my case orange) might get cold!
When I showed Matt he said, "What on earth would possess you to create that?" My response, "Because, I can." Guess what he's getting for his birthday. (insert evil laugh)
I sat down last night and made this two color apple sweater. (That is soo funny to sweater!) Anyway, it is my first time using two different colors on a project. YEAH!
We have sunshine again today! Yippee!!
Have a great day!

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  1. This is so funny. Why would you need an apple sweater. lol I love it though. Guess I better check out that book. Thanks for sharing this. It gave me a good laugh. I love your cards. I just recently started doing the challenges.