Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rebecca Bag

Here is another bag from the book "Bags:The Modern Classics."  This one is the Rebecca Bag. 
I used home decor fabric.  I also added the piping around the edges of the bag.  It made my life more difficult because 1) I didn't put cording inside the piping and  2)  often when trying to attach a circle (such as this bag's zipper/bottom piece sewn together in a circle) and the front/back of this bag it can be tricky to get them to fit together.  This is made even more difficult by adding something, such as piping, that shows if something isn't fitting together perfectly.  Needless to say, I did lots of seam ripping to get it to look decent. 

Here are some other projects I've made from the patterns in this book here and here.

I know I've said this before about this book, but I really can't find where it states what the seam allowance should be on most of the projects.  If I am missing this somewhere please let me know.
For this bag, I also tried to copy the pattern by taking paper and holding it up on the window to trace.  It didn't go so well for me.  I do believe that I do better by using white tissue paper to trace the pattern.  So, my problem with getting the zipper/bottom pieces to fit to the front/back of the bag could be any combination of issues I had such as tracing the pattern, not using the correct seam allowance, and me being me.   To get the zipper/bottom piece to fit to the front/back piece I ended up using a 1/4" seam allowance when sewing the zipper sections to the bottom piece.  I used a 5/8" seam allowance on most of the other seams.  I had to do this to get my pieces to fit together. 
Inside with added pockets

I added pockets to both sides of the inside.  I just used the same pocket pattern and instructions used on the front of the bag.  I sewed down the center of the inside pockets. 
I also sewed my handles to the front of the bag without having the lining fabric underneath. 

Back of Rebecca Bag

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  1. I believe the seam allowances are 1/2". If you look at the pattern masters, the markings should give you some idea. For instance, "a sew to dot" on a seam line measures 1/2" in from the outer edge of the pattern line - does this make sense? Anyhow, regardless of your not being sure about the seam allow., your bag turned out great!