Friday, March 9, 2012

Pearl Bag

When I sew bags, I generally use home decor fabric.  One day, I was shopping at JoAnn and saw some brown and pink quilting fabric.  I fell in love.  I didn't buy it.  Yes, I can be a good girl.   Oh, I wanted that fabric...even thought about it from time to time.  I kept trying to find projects that would "require" me to purchase said fabric.  :)  I thought it would look good as a skirt.  But since, I'm afraid of making clothing, I couldn't justify that one.  Eventually, while surfing the web, I came across this Bananafana's Pearl pattern.  Here is what happened when I combined the two.

I do love this purse.  But I haven't used it...why?  Well, I thought I was a genius when I used some rubber tubing for the handles.  Not only was it a PAIN to sew the fabric around that stiff tubing, but it's not very comfy to carry, either.  Oh, well.  I will take that to mean that I should go buy more of this fabric. :)
This was my first time using a Bananafana pattern.  The instructions were pretty clear and easy to understand.  I think the only change I made on this bag was a slight modification of the side pockets. 
Enjoy your day!

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