Monday, March 4, 2013

Da Bear

This is the small bear from the Kwik Sew Bear Pattern.   It is much bigger than I thought it would be.  He is about 20" tall.   This is the second time I've used a Kwik Sew Pattern, and every time I think there is no way that this is going to go together quickly.  There are lots of pieces to cut....therefore lots of pieces to sew together.  Both times it actually did go together quickly.  This bear took me maybe 5 hours from cutting to finish.  I made him out of  a navy blue fleece.  I also used the serger machine (my 1st time) to sew it together.  There were still a few instances  that I gave up and sewed parts together with my regular sewing machine because I kept missing little sections. 
For the eyes, I decided to use black fleece...the same I used for the nose.  I did this because I made this for my new baby nephew, and I didn't want the possibility of choking. OK, so the ribbon will have to be removed.  :)
I had to take a picture of the behind!!!  It is too cute not to.  LOL! 
As for the pattern, the instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  I was in a rush to get this made quickly and did not bother to read the instructions first.  It went together smoothly.  My only complaint is that the pattern includes a small and large sized bear.  On the paper pattern, they put the small size pattern inside the large size pattern.   So, if you want to sew the small bear you have to cut through the large size bear pattern.  We ended up tracing the small sized pattern on to paper.   

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