Friday, June 21, 2013

Uptown Madison Handbag

For the past several years, I learned to sew bags by following patterns.  I still like to buy patterns to learn new techniques.
The first bag patterns I bought were Amy Butler bag patterns.    I am very glad I got started using her patterns.  The directions are clear and include lots of illustrations.
This bag is from the  Madison Bags pattern.  It includes a shoulder bag version, a handbag, version, and a flower pattern.
Here is the Uptown Handbag.

This bag is made with Amy Butler Fabric.  Such cute stuff!  The flower on this bag is not the one included in the pattern.  The flower is made out of fleece. 
This is a neat bag however, I don't think I've used it once since I made this several years ago.   I've been carrying  bigger bags because I end up carrying my kids' stuff as well.    I like being able to just shove-whatever-in my bag and go.
Enjoy your day!

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