Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bag Accessories

Since I made myself the Lapin Noir Bag, I decided I wanted some new accessories to go with it.  Why not, right?
This is the All-Purpose Wallet from Charmed Liebling.  I've had a lot of fun with this great pattern.   
I added the ruffle down the center of the outside for fun. 
This is the inside of the wallet.  This has so many great components.  There is a zippered pocket, card slots, a dimensional cell phone pocket and a pocket for paper currency.   
That is a bow on top of my elastic cording on the cell phone pocket.  
On the sides of the credit card slots I pulled out my glue gun and glued down the twill ribbon.  I had the twill ribbon in my stash.  It has the definition of family printed on it.   This is actually from my scrapbook/card making supplies. 
Before I glued the ribbon, I zig zag stitched down the sides of the credit card slots a few times.  I also made sure to add glue to the sides of the slot pockets as well as the twill ribbon.
This sunglass case is from a pattern out of the book "Bags:  The Modern Classics" by Sue Kim.
The lighting is slightly different on this pic as I made and finished the wallet earlier in the day. Later, I decided I also wanted a new sunglass case.  
 That's all for now.  

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