Monday, September 29, 2014

Rockstar Bag

Oh my.....I can't believe how late I am in getting this post up.  I spent almost the entire month of September not feeling well.  I have been doing better lately, but I'm still not at 100%.  I'm sure I'll be there soon. 
This great new pattern came out a little bit ago.  It is the Rockstar Bag designed by Sarah at Sew Sweetness.  Here is her blog post:
This is the front of the bag.  I made this from an outgrown pair of my son's jeans and faux leather.  I added the bow.  It is from Michelle Patterns. 
Above is the back of the bag. 
Above is the inside of the bag.  There are two zippered pockets.
The cute bottom!  I guess purse feet crack me up!  LOL! 
Click on this link to go get yourself this awesome pattern. 


  1. It looks awesome. Very professional! The faux leather looks very good with the denim.

  2. Better late than never :) Hope you are feeling better. I too have been sick for the entire month of September - what is it with the bugs this year?
    Finally someone has shown us a top view. Thanks for the inside peak. It looks difficult to get into - how is is for access? I have bought the pattern. Any suggestions or alterations you would recommend?
    I love the recycled denim look. In Sarah's post it looked like you bag was trimmed with red, now I can see that it looks like leather/ suede. Seriously cool.

    1. Hello Dee! Thank you! I am feeling better. I'm taking it day by day, ya know? I know that things could be so much worse, so I am very thankful. I hope you are feeling better.
      As for the top access. Depending on your preference, it might be a little bit tight to get into. I am able to get a full size wallet in and out easily, if you put one side in then the other. I just measured the opening and it is about 8" from the tab on the side to the zip head when the zipper is open. Does that help? If you'd like to make this opening larger you could use a zip with larger teeth or shorten the end tabs a little bit. OR you could try to do two zippers with a flap....I'm thinking like some camera bag openings. You'd have to play with it, I guess. :) I couldn't find an image of what I was thinking. Hopefully you understand what I'm saying.
      As for other alterations, the only thing I might change next time is to add slip pockets to the inside or maybe even add pocket(s) on the outside side of the bag.
      As for the pic on Sarah's post that was my fault. I have an app on my phone that added special effects. I didn't even know I'd used that app. Thank you for taking the time to leave such kind words! I'd like to see how your bag turns out.