Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dog Blanket

I made this quick dog blanket for my nephew for his birthday.  He is undergoing treatment for Leukemia.  So, I thought he could use a soft blanket to cuddle-up in on those not so great days. 

I used some fleece that I had in my stash for the outside and red flannel for the lining. 

The pattern had you use store bough eyes.  On this blanket I cut out a 1" circle from black fleece (the same thing I used for the nose), and satin stitched around the circle instead of the store bought eyes. 
I also didn't stuff the ears...I left them so they would be floppy. 
I couldn't believe how fast this went together. 
The pattern is "Puppy and Monkey Blanket and Pillow" from Kwik Sew. 

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