Thursday, October 29, 2015

Crochet Starling Bag

I have some yarn I've been trying to use.  I found a great pattern to play with.  I also found a tutorial on how to line a crocheted bag.  YEAH!!
Here is what the two mixed together resulted in.  
I do realize that the flower is a little big and floppy, but it's kinda fun, right?

This is what the LINED inside looks like! It has 
a pocket.
This is the back.
The bag is a free pattern from Futuregirl.  It is the Starling Bag.  She has it available in several different languages and there is even "Crochet Along" videos.  She also made the lining tutorial.   THANK YOU Futuregirl!  

You can find the bag pattern here:

You can find the tutorial for adding lining here:

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