Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grommet Grab Bag

Here is a bag pattern from Indygo Junction.  It is the Grommet Grab Bag.  The inside is lined in pink like the flower).  I made this for a friend but I think I should make myself one now.  :)

The instructions were clear.  The only part of the instructions I got confused on were the handles...but that was just a me issue.  After I figured out their explanation of how to put together the handles,  I chose to make them a different way. 
Instead of assembling the tubes then weaving them through the grommets then sewing a tube around the seam of each handle.  I ended up assembling the handles while they were woven through the grommets. 
I did this by:
1.  I cut my handle fabric strip 1 inch longer (for a 1/2" seam allowance).  
2.  I folded and pressed both long raw edges in toward the center. 
3.  I wove the  handle with the cording and fabric strip through the grommets (unsewn at this point). 
3.  On the short edges, I opened up the fabric strip flat and sewed the short ends together. 
4.  I pressed the seam allowance open then re-folded and pressed to match the previous pressed creases (from folding and pressing in long side raw edges.)
5.  I then sewed together the ends of the cording.
6..  I then very carefully, took my time and sewed along the folded long edge to enclose the cording.  I had to take it sections at a time and rotate it through the grommets. 

Overall it was a very quick and easy bag to put together. 

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  1. Let me add by saying I love this purse, especially all the pockets inside. Very fun bag.