Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crochet Water Bottle Carrier

This was a gift for a friend.  She had asked about a crocheted water bottle carrier.  So, I searched online.  I found a few options. 
I ended up using this pattern from Vallieskids Blog.  I think I made only slight changes on the handle and maybe the top band. 
Here is the result:

My friend wanted the handle to be long enough to go across the body.  I, of course, had to add a flower.   I think this can stretch to fit a variety of different sized water bottles.   


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  2. Very nice! What pattern is the flower from? I really enjoy your choice in flowers. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

    1. You know.....I'm not sure. I have a few different crochet flower books and they all have rose patterns. They all start looking the same. Sorry!