Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Frenchy Bags

This is the Amy Butler Frenchy Bags Pattern.  Originally, I wasn't too keen on this pattern.  I actually bought it because my mom liked it and wanted a purse made from it.  It kind of grew on me. :)

It is a pretty simple project to sew together. 

There are two versions a shoulder bag and a hand bag.

Here is the handbag: 
This is made from faux suede.  The inside is a silky fabric. 

There are are instructions to include two big pockets inside.  But on this small handbag if you include both pockets it becomes one big mess on the inside.  The pockets kind of combine together.  On the larger bag, you can divide the inside pockets by sewing down the center of each pocket to attach it to the lining   

On this small bag, I  made one pocket that I did NOT sew down the center. So, it is more of a divider--to separate keys from phone.  Again, sewing down the center of the pocket on the smaller handbag would make it too small to be useful--for me.  

The flower is not included on this pattern.  I created it by playing around with fabric scraps.

Here is the larger bag:

Enjoy your day!

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