Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunglasses Case

Well, I'm slowly getting settled in after moving across country.  I'm slowly finding my life again.  I quickly made these sunglasses cases before all my crafting supplies were packed up.  I again used a pattern from the "Bags The Modern Classics" book by Sue Kim. 
It is a very quick and easy project.  I did run into some issues with the floral (blue/brown) case.  I decided to use fleece on the inside of that one...to make it soft and non-scratchy.  It (the fleece) was not very friendly to use.  Also, I'm not exactly sure why, but it turned out smaller than the black velvet case.  I'm guessing I used a different seam allowance?

  The instructions and illustrations were great.  However, copying/tracing the pattern is a bit of a pain.  This pattern is a fun way to use scraps...and co-ordinate with the bags I make. 
Click here to see another project from this book.

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