Friday, August 26, 2011

The "I Dunno" Bag

Well, it all started out that I was going to get rid of a bag (it was a freebie from a cosmetic promo years ago).  It didn't look so swell any longer.  But as it was about to go goodbye...I thought "HEY! I'll just rip out that zipper.  I always need zippers!"  So, as I was ripping off the zipper and a few other hardware items, I noticed that the inside of the front of the bag ( hidden behind the liner) was kind of fun.  It was in better shape than the outside of the bag.  Then, my mind went to "I wonder if I could make a flower out of that?"  So, I pulled out my die cuts and sure enough!  I was able to make a flower.  Then I thought "hummmm, I wonder what kind of bag I can make from this."  So, I set about to make a bag.  I didn't really have a plan or really any idea what to make.  As I was cutting I kept thinking "hummmm, what should I make?"  I know, not necessarily the order that one should go about things but, well, you know...?... But I did have a new  non-stick sewing foot I was dying to try out and a zipper from another scraped item.  So, I set about to make a bag.  For what? may be asking.  Well, I really don't know...
 I was sewing it together and then I thought "Hey!  I'll put a pocket on the front."  And so I did...
Yep, even the black part of the flower was recycled from the old bag.  The inside is even lined with the plastic from the original bag. 
So, what does one use this bag for? I dunno.


I decided to put the handles from the old bag onto the new bag.  Also, my daughter claimed this bag. :)

Here is a picture of the inside of the bag.  Sorry pic. is not great.  There's not much on the inside...just a burgandy colored plastic lining.  No pockets...I thought of those after I was done.  LOL! 

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  1. You amaze me. You are so creative & ingenious. This is a very fun, happy purse. Nice. What's the inside look like?