Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zippy Wallet

It was the evening before the first day of school and DD came to me needing a wallet to put her money in.  She wanted something that had a zipper.  I didn't have anything for her to use, BUT I did remember seeing this awesome Zippy Wallet tut!  She dug through my stash of fabrics and pulled out the scraps she wanted me to use.  We hoped that I had a zipper that would look decent.  This is what we came up with:
The silky pink fabric lines the inside of the pocket and inside the zipper pocket. 
OK, I'll admit it, I don't know why....but I don't like to cut zippers.  I know...seek help!  :)  So, the only change I made (beside the flower accent) is I made it a little wider to fit my 9 inch zipper.   I was also in a hurry and didn't really read how to put it together...I looked at the pictures and hoped for the best.  I did have to rip out every single stitch line for one stupid oops or another.  So, perhaps reading the instructions would have been helpful.  But, in the end, it turned out great!
The flower was made from scraps with fray check on the edge to help keep it from unraveling.  The leaf is cut from green wool felt.  I had originally cut it out when I was working on this project.
I think if I were to make this again...given my zipper cutting hang-up...I'd also make it a little taller so that the bills could be put in without being folded...this one is just a tiny bit too short.  If you search on the tutorial writers blog you'll also see another great zippered clutch (I'll be making that one soon :) )that I'm guessing was designed more for that purpose...this one was meant to be small.
This is a wonderful, easy, quick tutorial.  I'd think this would also be a fun way to give  money or a gift card...maybe add a key ring, a small O or D ring,  or clip? 
Enjoy your day!

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