Friday, August 12, 2011

Everything Wristlet

I don't know what it is about wristlets, but I love to make them.  Until recently,  I never really used them. 
The pattern for these wristlets came from the book "Style Stitches" by Amy Butler.   The pattern is called the Everything Wristlet. It includes patterns and instructions for two sizes.

smaller version
 The smaller one I was able to use scraps for the outside.  Since the inside is mostly made from one long piece of fabric folded and sewn, I had to use a bigger piece of fabric. 
larger version

The inside is pretty cool!  Both sizes contain card slots on both sides of an interior divider pocket (in the center).  The larger has a seam down the middle for two rows of card slots.   There is also a zipper pocket in the back. 
This is a pretty handy little bag.  The only thing I might add,  if I were to make this again, would be a pocket--maybe in the back--for sunglasses. 
The instructions for both sizes of wristlets are written together.  For the most part it was clear enough, but I did get confused in a few areas. Usually, Amy Butler patterns are very detailed with lots of illustrations and very easy to understand.  While there are illustrations and lots of detailed instructions, it did get a little confusing.  I had to re-read instructions several times to understand.  But, eventually I got it.  I still don't fully understand how to sew in the top and the bottom of the zipper because I couldn't reach all the areas needed to be stitched without sewing the pocket closed.  Also, when I made the larger wristlet, the measurements were off for the card slot section.   My other--well, I guess--issue, was OMG it is a pain to stitch the inside and the outside together.  But, I do LOVE the inside and outside design of the bag and I couldn't think of an easier way to put them together. 
I have made two styles of bags from this book.  Some of the bags I'll probably never make.  BUT, never say never, right?  I do feel that the book is an excellent value for what you get.  I'm not disappointed in my purchase.  There are a few other patterns from this book I'd like to try.
Here is the post of the other bag I've made from this book.

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  1. Fabulous!!! Your wristlets are lovely. I'm nearly done with mine and felt a need to take a break and look for finished inspiration online. :) It really is a great design-- though I'm with you on the instructions... the zipper in particular is a doozie!

    Thanks so much for sharing! :)