Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wrist Pincushion

Can you believe that I didn't have a wrist pin cushion?  Well, I didn't until now!  I wanted one... never thought to buy one of those uncomfortable plastic ones.  I've seen several patterns to make one. I mentally put those on my list of things to make...never got around to it.  Then, I was reading this post.   I knew what my wrist pin cushion was going to be and it moved to the top of my list.  I started this project with the idea that I was going to make mine like hers but with the felt scraps I had.  I also wanted this to be a quick project.  I cut out one of the leaves from the provided pattern and thought..."ya, I don't have the mind set for this today." So, I thought I'd put my card making/scrapbooking supplies to good use and speed up the process. 
Here is what I came up with:
For the band I measured my wrist and added for overlap with the Velcro strip.  The green strip is 8" x 2" and the pink is 8" x 1.75".  In the instructions she suggested using a wooden disk between the band layers.  I knew dh would have something in the garage, but he wasn't home and I wanted to get this done.  Also, the garage is just plain frightening. :)  I tried to think of various options for this disk. Finally,  I spotted an unused wooden paint stirrer.  I measured about 1" and cut it with a blade.  It works!  I layered it between the band pieces and top stitched them together.  I then sewed my velcro on the bottom of one end of the band and the top of the other end of the band.  (see pic)

For the big green leaves on the bottom I cut my wool felt with the larger die from Paper Trey Ink's Bloom Builders #2 Die set.  I gathered it into a circle and tied it off. 
I cut a large circle of pink felt using a QuicKutz nesting flower die--it's scalloped and you won't see the edge of this circle but I don't have a regular circle die.  I did a gathering stitch all around the circle and gathered it a little then stuffed it with fiber fill then pulled it tighter and tied it off.  I whip stitched this to the die cut bloom builder die-cut then stitched all this to the band. 
I die-cut several large rolled roses and the medium rolled rose using My Favorite Things Rolled Roses dies.  I rolled them up and then glued them using Fabri-tac glue.  I then glued the flower to the stuffed mound.  I know that there are places where there is glue and the pin won't go through but that is ok...there are enough other places to stick the pin on the cushion.  If this glue issue bothers you you could take the time to hand sew everything. 
Enjoy your day!

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