Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's in the bag...

Happy Birthday...if you are reading this you know I'm talkin' bout you! :)
I am shocked that I now enjoy sewing as much as I do.  When I was in Jr. High took a sewing class.  I HATED it!  I tried sewing a few other times and still didn't like it.  On one occasion, the needle broke and flew into my eye.  I became terrified of the sewing machine. 
Then,  about 4-ish years ago, I saw a post where someone showed how to sew a simple tote.  I had an overwhelming feeling that I MUST work with fabric.  So, I made that little tote...and became hooked.  I can't seem to stop.  My favorite things to make are purses...maybe because I might have a slight addiction to them...or not.  SHHHH!  HAAA HAAA!  
As you might guess, I also like to give purses/bags as gifts. 
This is a birthday gift. 

There are two pockets on the on each side. 

Inside of the bag.  There are 4 large pockets.  She actually gave me the inside fabric for my birthday along with lots more fabric.  Ahhh!  She knows me well.   :)

 The pattern for this bag is in the book "Style Stitches" by Amy Butler

Several months ago, I made myself this bag.  I shrunk it a few inches all around. 

Happy {belated} Birthday! 

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  1. Belated thank you. I love it. I've used it a couple times already. You've started a secret obsession for me. It would b easier if we lived closer, then I could just come over & borrow the needed purse. One day, it could happen. Just keep building that collection & if you closet gets full, I have room.