Friday, May 20, 2011

Hammin' it up at the Movies!

Welcome to  "Hamming it up at the Movies!" Blog Hop!  Sponsored by Hambo Stamps.

Today Hambo customers and the Bacon Bits Design Team are bringing you fun creations that depict movie titles! It might be our favorite movie, or just one that was fun to design.

If you arrived here from Mary's Blog  you are in the right place! If not, you might want to start back at the beginning at the Hambo blog to make sure you are eligible for the hopper prize!

Did I say PRIZE?!   Yep, A prize will be awarded to one participant whose movie-themed creation tickles the Bacon Bits’ fancy in a hammin’ jammin’ way!  Another prize will be awarded randomly to a hopper who comments on all the blogs along the way. The winners will be announced on the Hoedown blog, as well as on the Hambo company blog, Talk to the Ham, on Wednesday, May 25. Best of luck to everyone!

Phew!  Now on to other business!
Here are the projects I created:

This pic is kinda a group photo, if you will.  (Sorry, it was breezy when I was trying to take the pic.)
  Can you guess what movie I chose?  NO?  Well, actually, I chose a series of movies that center around five adventurous puppies.   My kids love these movies because they have cute golden retriever puppies in them.  I'll refer to them as the Buddie Movies.   These are the titles (and links): Air Buddies  Snow Buddies, Space Buddies, Santa Buddies, and my kids tell me there is one more coming out soon, Treasure Buddies

To create my projects, I used the Doghouse Set digital image from Hambo Stamps found here.  What a cute set!  The dog image reminds me of our golden retriever. 

As I mentioned earlier, the movies are about five pups that go on adventures.  The five "characters" are:  Buddah:  He likes to meditate, MudBud-always gets dirty--sounds like my own golden retriever, Budderball-likes to eat-I can relate to that.:)--also very much like my golden, RoseBud-only girl pup and she is into fashion, and B-Dawg-is the "rapper" dog.  I created projects to represent each pup.

First up is Buddah:

Buddah's Beach Bag
 For Buddah,  I made a beach bag because I thought the beach would be a good place to meditate.   I printed out Hambo's digital images,  Dog House Set, on to a t-shirt transfer then ironed it to the canvas pocket.  The fabric of the bag is made from indoor/outdoor canvas.  The free pattern and tutorial for this beach bag can be found here.  I love it because this bag can hold 4 beach towels and more!

MudBud--he is muddy.
For Mudbud, I cut out a shaker box using Cricut Tags, Bags, Boxes & More Cartridge.  I used the Paper Pups Cartridge to cut out the dog bones.  I used Hambo's Doghouse Set to decorate. 

Budderball's Lunch Bag
Since Budderball LOVES to eat,  I made a BIG lunch bag.  Again, I printed the Doghouse Set images on to a t-shirt transfer, ironed it on to the canvas pocket.  The inside of this lunch bag is made from rip stop nylon to make it easy to clean spills.  The pattern for the lunch bag can be found in this book.  The pocket is not part of the pattern.


Rosebud luggage Tag
Since the dogs are always off to new adventures, I thought Rosebud could use a luggage tag.  I followed this quick and easy tutorial to make the luggage tag.  I love being able to use fabric scraps.  In real life I'm going to put this on my daughter's lunch bag. 

Rosebud Card
 This is a card I made for Rosebud.  In the movies, she often has a flower in her ear.  My real life dog ate one of her flowers before I glued it down. LOL! Could that be considered life imitating art?  Or maybe, life eating art?   She (my real life dog) is combination of Budderball-will eat anything and Mudbud-it's not long after she has a bath that she is muddy/dirty/stinky.  When we go running she always heads for the puddles.

Last but not least B-Dawg: 

For B-Dawg, I figured he needed lots of bling.  So, I made a clip board with lots of bling.  I cut the clip board with Cricut Fabulous Finds Cartridge.  I printed the Doghouse Set images. 
I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Come back soon!

Now, dance on over to Judy at  for another great movie scene.


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