Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Easter, Easter Bunny!

Can you believe that Easter is almost here? Wasn't it just Christmas? Or is it just me?
I came across this book "Crafting Springtime Gifts" by Tone Finnanger. I couldn't help myself. I had to get it. There are some cute projects in this book. Although, I don't usually sew these kinds of things. I enjoyed it. So much so, that I bought a few more of her books. She even has a few books in Swedish...I might have to learn Swedish. Anyone care to help or join me? Haa Haa!
Here are two bunnies I made with fabric scraps I had from other projects.
Just a small warning. If you are thinking of purchasing the book the instructions are a little vague. So, if you've never sewn before you might not want to use this book for a first project. However, I am guessing that since I was able to make them, then most people should be fine.
There isn't a pattern for the overalls for the bunny. I just played with the pants pattern and turned it into overalls.

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