Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crochet Flower Ear Warmer

Sorry, I tried and tired, but this is as good of a picture as this ear warmer would take.
Walking through stores, I'd notice these neat knitted/crocheted flower headbands.  They began to grow on me; to the point that I HAD to make one.  Since I LOVE to put flowers on most things I make, I, of course, had to search for a pattern.   Got to LOVE the Internet for this purpose.  :)
Here is a free crochet pattern I came across Flower Ear Warmer.    I used the flower pattern as listed, but I changed the band part some.  However, I do think the band pattern will work as listed. 

I just haaaad to try to take a better picture....UNCLE! 

I also made another style of ear warmer....
This one has an adjustable band.  I added bling to the center of the flower.    Here is the pattern for this Crochet Flower Headband.  (click on name).

Enjoy your day!

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