Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crochet Flower Ear Warmer

Sorry, I tried and tired, but this is as good of a picture as this ear warmer would take.
Walking through stores, I'd notice these neat knitted/crocheted flower headbands.  They began to grow on me; to the point that I HAD to make one.  Since I LOVE to put flowers on most things I make, I, of course, had to search for a pattern.   Got to LOVE the Internet for this purpose.  :)
Here is a free crochet pattern I came across Flower Ear Warmer.    I used the flower pattern as listed, but I changed the band part some.  However, I do think the band pattern will work as listed. 

I just haaaad to try to take a better picture....UNCLE! 

I also made another style of ear warmer....
This one has an adjustable band.  I added bling to the center of the flower.    Here is the pattern for this Crochet Flower Headband.  (click on name).

Enjoy your day!


  1. Really like the hot pink headband, it's so cute! Thanks for sharing the link, you are so inspirational!

    1. Than you for taking time to leave all the nice comments!