Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Greek Dip

My favorite type of food is Mediterranean food.  More specifically, I LOVE Lebanese food!  However, most regions of Mediterranean food will work.  A friend  from collage introduced me to Lebanese food...I've been addicted ever since. 

I don't think I've shared any recipes, yet.  Most of the recipes I use are generally quick, and easy.  Especially if they contain veggies, because I am the only one that will willingly eat veggies in this household.  I do actually like most veggies, too. 

I always adapt this recipe to fit what I have on hand and/or what I'm in the mood for.
I don't even know exact measurements....just make to your taste. 

Sorry no fancy dishes or photography.
For some reason pics taken from this angle make me kind of  "sea sick." 
The original recipe calls for:
1 container of  hummus
Feta cheese
diced tomatoes, diced cucumbers, and diced kalamata olives.
To make:
layer the hummus, top with feta cheese then the diced tomatoes, diced cucumbers, and diced kalamata olives. serve with pita chips. 
I  use what ever type of olives I have on hand. I also use what ever veggies too, like diced green onion, what ever color sweet peppers... 
I have eaten this with crackers and rice chips, too.

If you'd like the original exact recipe 5 Layer Greek Dip.  Their pic looks more appetizing.  When searching for the recipe, I saw more recipes I need to try.  :)

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