Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Metro Slouch Bag

Today I will share a bag I made for my daughter.
I used The Metro Slouch Bag pattern from Lila Tueller Designs.  Here is her blog.  She has some very cute new patterns/fabric coming soon! 
I used home decor weight fabric to make this bag.  There are pockets on the side of the outside and on the inside.  CUTE! 
My daughter loves this bag!  A few of her friends have commented on how they want one, too. 
I took this quick pic. before I handed it to her.  She has moved in and used this for the past several months. 
For this pattern, there are lots of hardware pieces suggested.  It does make for a cute bag.  However, I didn't have all the hardware at the time I made this.  I improvised on a few items.  (I used buttons in place of the slides on the front flap--I'll prob. put them lower next time--, I didn't use purse feet.  I only used one type of swivel hook.)  I also used duck canvas for the interliner instead of batting or interfacing. 
This was my first time using a Lila Tueller pattern.  Overall, the pattern had very clear instructions, it was fairly simple to put together, and it is a great bag.  I own a few other of her bag patterns that I am anxious to try out.
Here are a couple more photo's of this bag.  :)
side view (pocket)

Enjoy your day!

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