Monday, July 25, 2011

PTI Stamp-A-Fair Challenge #10

Hello again!  Post #3!  What a fun day I've had today! 
Click here to view this Stamp-A-Fair Challenge.   The challenge is to "add a stamped focal point over a stamped background, all in the same layer!"

I played around a little bit. I guess I'm just in one of THOSE kinds of moods. I'm not sure how I feel about how this card turned out. At least I had fun creating it, right? :)
First, I stamped the text background in the lightest blue I could find in my stash. Then I stamped the swirl images on the top and bottom in my darkest blue. I then stamped the wreath in a med. shade of brown then stamped the berries in a medium blue. I stamped the "Hey There" in my darkest brown ink. Finally, I stamped the "Celebrate in Style" in my darkest blue ink...then finished the card. 
I might have to try this again....lots of fun!
Have a great one!
Supplies Used:
Stamps:  PTI-Big& Bold Wishes, Wreath For All Seasons, Cornish Heritage Farms-Vintage Text


  1. Congratulations on winning with challenge #10. I like the card a lot.

  2. A big this beauty! Very creative.

  3. congrats on being chosen. love the card-great detail and color choices.

  4. Congrats on winning, Ree!!!

    from another Ree :o)

  5. Well deserved! Very beautiful! I really liked your card. Thank you for the inspiration.Did you stitch the ribbon? Or is it done with gel pen?
    from Aruba

  6. Thanks!
    Aruba, I bought the ribbon like that. I'm not certain, but the design on the ribbon must be screen printed or something like that.