Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bath Buddies

These bath buddies were so much fun to make.  They didn't take very long to complete either. 
They are made using Sugar N' Cream yarn.  I used a pattern found here.  You'll have to search for the pattern called "Baby's Bath Buddies."  You'll need to sign in to a free account you set up to view instructions.
The pattern is for a frog and a whale.  However, they show an alligator not  a frog.  LOL!  Now, I want to make an alligator.  :)   
My whale looks more like a dinosaur or monster, too. 
I suppose these could also be used as puppets.  I know I sure thought it was funny when I the puppets told the kids to do their chores.

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  1. Th part were the pupets told us to do our chores didn't work at all really- her kids