Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dublin Scarf

Time for another crocheted scarf!  Yippee! 
I've mentioned this one a few times on my blog.  Finally, I'm posting THE SCARF! :)

I've used the flower from this pattern on many projects.   I actually made up all 8 flowers that the pattern suggested.  I just couldn't find a way to add them all to the scarf in a way that I liked.  So, I have a few extra to use on other projects.  :)
The pattern for the Dublin Scarf can be found by going to and searching for Dublin Scarf  or pattern # 80883AD.  Or by clicking here.  You will need so sign in to download the pattern. 


  1. It's Beautiful!!!! What kind of yarn did you use? I really like your scarf, even more than the original on the pattern. Nice job.

    1. Thank you! I think I used "Pound of Love" yarn.