Sunday, December 18, 2011

McCall's Hobo Bag

I've made this bag twice now.  The first time was a few years ago.  After I finished making this bag the second time, I remembered  "Oh!  Right!  This bag is huge!"  LOL! 
I'd bought this crushed velvet-esque fabric some time ago.  I vowed that I'd find the perfect pattern to make myself a Christmas/winter bag with it.   After I moved around this fabric several times,  I finally decided that THIS was going to be the year to use it.  I debated between two patterns then decided on this Easy Stitch 'N Save  (M5914) pattern that has been discontinued. 
The pattern itself is not bad.  I just don't particularly like how you have to put together the handles.  I also remembered this fact after I finished making it the second time. 

The instructions for this bag have you put a magnetic closure.  I decided to make a zipper closure for mine.  On the inside, there are instructions and a pattern for a cell phone/sunglasses slip pocket.  I used this, and added a zippered pocket on the other side. 
I know, with the lining fabric it's kind of hard to tell what all is happening in this picture.  :) 

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