Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lovely Clarissa Bag

Since I made this doll for my daughter's student teacher, I thought I should prob. make something for her classroom teacher.  I decided to make her the 'Lovely Clarissa Bag' from the book "Bags The Modern Classics" by Sue Kim.  Oh, there are some great bags in this book.  Her web site has great things as well
No, you are not seeing double.  I decided that I should just go ahead and cut out 2 bags.  I just got this book and was itching to make something from it.  Knowing myself like I do, I knew that I most likely wouldn't want to give this bag away.  So,  I made two.  :)  Boy, I was soooo right about myself!
The instructions and illustrations are excellent.  The only small thing I couldn't find was the seam allowance.  There are lots of instructions at the front of  the book that can apply to all the patterns...and I only glanced through those sections.  It is possible that I overlooked this information.  But I did glance though it trying to find the seam allowance a couple of times.  I went ahead and used a common 1/2 inch seam allowance. 
One other complaint is that the patterns given are printed double sided and overlapping on two tear out poster sized sheets.  What a MESS!  I used white tissue paper to trace the pattern.  I don't like tissue paper patterns much.  At the beginning of the book it did say to tape pieces of paper together and put them and the tear out sheet in the window to trace the pattern.  Still it is such a MESS!  Although, from what I can tell each pattern marking is labeled with the name of the bag.  It does still get confusing with all the lines crossing and dots here and there. 
All that being said, I am very happy with the purchase of this book.  The patterns are "Classic".
 I created and added the flower myself.
 Inside one bag I used a larger slip pocket on one side and a zippered pocket on the other.
 On the other bag I used the instructions found in the front of the book to make a pocket.
I also finally remembered to create a label for my bag.  I stamped it with Paper Trey Ink Stamps.  I sewed it into the side of the pocket.

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  1. I just purchased this book, and I too am itching to make some of these bags. My first choice, like yours, is the "Clarissa bag". Thank you for posting your photo and writing about the pattern; your bag is just gorgeous and I love the flower detail you added to the front of the bag. I hope mine turns out as well as yours, after reading your post, I am very excited to give it a try. Also, I agree with you re: the confusing pattern sheet - I am not looking forward to tracing out the pattern!