Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Decorations

I have been fun playing around and making some Halloween decorations.  For the past several years, I haven't really done much to decorate for Halloween...or any other holiday either....really.  This year I really wanted to decorate!  I searched the Internet to find ideas and patterns.  I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, but I did find pieces here and there.  So, I borrowed some things and created my own. 

I went to a few different fabric stores trying to find the fabric similar to what was in my head.  I struggled.  Finally I got a few yards of an orange polka-dot (go and a grey/black fabric with swirls. 

Here is what I created:

I've already shared the Witches Hat and pattern with you in this post here.

I found this great tutorial for smashed witches legs here.  She was kind enough to include a pattern for some awesome witches boots.  I used that boot pattern.  However, I cut pieces of fabric for the legs instead of using tube socks.  I ended up hand sewing the legs to the boots. I used orange tulle and some black fabric scraps for the dress.  I sewed the legs and the skirts together then sewed binding to the top edge. 

On this banner I was just guessing on how to put this together.  I first found the letters I wanted to use to spell "Halloween."  I used chipboard letters I had...from my papercraft stash.  I traced these chipboard letters in reverse on the back of Steam-A-Seam 2 sheets.  Ironed the sheets to the back of the black fabric and cut them out.  To make the banner pattern I used my Cricut "Pretty  Pennants" Cartridge to help me form the pattern.  I cut the pennant out of paper on my Cricut Machine,  Then I used this paper pattern to cut all the rectangles out of orange fabric with pinking shears. I ironed the cut letters to the front of one of the pennants.   I placed two pennants, wrong sides together, then used a zig-zag stitch along the sides and bottom inward point.   Then I made binding out of purple fabric.  To figure the length of binding I needed, I took the size of my pennant along the top (each one is 6"wide times 9 pennants) then I added 4 inches for swag.  So, 6"wide multiplied by 9 letters is 54" plus 4" is 58".  Then I guessed on how much to add to each end to make ties.  I used 36" on each side.  (36 times 2 is 72")  so the total length I needed was (58" plus 72") 130".  I cut several pieces to get this length then sewed them together until I had a piece that was 2" wide by 130"long.  I used my handy binding iron tool where it pulls each raw edge in to meet the center.  I then turned in and ironed one short end in around 1/2".  I measured in 36"(for tie) then placed a pin to know where to start pinning the  pennants. (make sure you are spelling correctly (LOL!)  I pinned mine backwards and had to re-pin).    I tried to place the pennants 1/4" apart.  When all my lettered pennants were pinned I measured from the last pennant to 36" then I cut off 1/2" from that point.  I turned in and ironed the short end of the other end.  I then sewed the binding to the pennants.  Then I folded the binding in half and top stitched along the entire edge of the purple binding. 

I have one last decoration to share.  I've used this for several years.  I had a very old Navy uniform from when my husband was enlisted.  I stuff it with paper and add the Jack-O-Lantern lights up. 

I typed this together quickly...if you have questions please comment.

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