Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hope You Can Cling To-Day #2

First of all Happy Birthday to my much OLDER brother!  :)

For today's challenge we were to make a pretty wrapping for a cupcake.  Since the purpose of this event is to send cards.  We were to make a gift card or something to go with it that we could mail in to the cancer center. 

I do love to bake cupcakes, however, when I bake with the intent of my stuff turning out pretty, there is usually some type of disaster and it looks horrible.  Notice the beautiful cupcake I made bought at the store.  :)  I needed desserts for our neighborhood's National Night Out Celebration tonight.  I was running low on time.  So, I took the easy route and bought goodies for both.  LOL!

Doesn't that cupcake look delish?  It may be hard to tell from the picture but there is a cookie sticking out from that frosting.  YUMMM!
To make to box, I traced a box from I kit I got several years ago onto pink cardstock. To hold the cupcake I made a little raised holder with a circle punched in the center and glued it to the bottom of my box.
I die cut a scalloped square out of the front of my box to make a window. 
The sentiment and cupcake is from the Cricut Cartridge Straight From The Nest. 
On the card I stamped Cornish Heritage Farm's "Vintage Text" in white ink onto the craft cardstock.  Then used my cut outs created from making the box. 
Have a great eve!

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