Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Ahh, these hats are fun and easy to make.  One can be made in a few hours.  I keep thinking I am going to make myself one, but I haven't...yet.  I don't usually wear hats.  I do love them though.  I have made several. 
As you might be able to guess by now, I LOVE flowers.  I add them to most things I make.  My mom tells me "You have to add flower(s), It's your signature." So, hats are no exception.  For the most part, when I make flowers, I  kind of play with the fabric and see what happens. 
Here are a few hats:
same hat (inside out or outside in). 
I like to make this hat reversible.  It's like two hats for the price and sewing for one. 
I made this as a gift.  I took this pic long before I had a blog and knew I'd be sharing it. 
The hats above were made with the Amy Butler Blue Sky Hat pattern.  This pattern, like most Amy Butler patterns, have clear instructions and lots of pictures.  There are several different sizes  that can be made with the pattern (head measurement 21 1/8"-23 7/8").  There are two variations on this hat one is a sunhat with the brim the other is a skull cap (without brim).

The hat below is a different sunhat pattern made from a free pattern:
I was playing with scraps for this hat.
The pattern link for this adorable: Sunny Side Up Sunhat.
I found that this pattern ran small.  I gave it to my daughter.  She is a tween-ager...it was small on her, too.  So, if you plan on making one you might check sizing and adjust accordingly.
Have a great one!

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