Sunday, June 26, 2011

Zipper Top Tote--Experiment

Well, I am feeling a little bit excited.  I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I really like zipper closures on bags.  So, I once again, experimented and took wild guesses as I sewed and came up with this:

Is anyone getting tired of this fabric?  If not, see this post, and this, and this.  I have officially used every last piece of this striped fabric. 

This is what I did with the last few scraps....

Roses made from scraps.
All right, back to the bag....

Top zipper
 The zipper top is the part I had absolutely no idea how to add.  I just guessed and sewed....ripped out....guessed and sewed....ripped out (repeat) (repeat), etc...  LOL!  You get the idea?  I hope it looks like I knew what I was doing.  I don't really know if I could explain what I did.  But I hope I can repeat it.  Maybe I could better it, too.  I guess that was the whole point of my try different types of zipper closures.  This closure is slightly different from the zipper closure on the insulated tote.  On the insulated tote, I added the zipper before I even sewed the sides together.  On the experiment tote, I added the zipper section as one of the last steps. 

 In this last picture you can see the inside.  It has a zipper pocket on one side (it has a red zipper) and a slip pocket on the other. 
If you look back at the first picture, the red thing on the front is a pocket.  I also put pockets on each side...perfect for sunglasses.
Here is a link to the pattern that inspired my bag.  Mine, however, has changes.  Like I stated earlier I am experimenting and learning.  I'd like to design and sell my own bags, eventually.
I made the rose from scraps.  Then I glued on green ribbon for the leaves using a hot glue gun.  I then glued a pin on the back of the flower and attached it to my bag.  I also like to experiment with scraps to make different kinds of flowers.  :)
I took this bag on a "test drive" out shopping.  I asked my daughter how my bag looked as I shopped.  Of course, you have to ask several different times because the bag might look different in different stores or even different sections of the store. Know what I mean?  Anywho,  I got a thumbs up...not sure if that meant "whatever mom...if I give a thumbs-up she won't ask again for another 5 min." or "yes, my mom is crazy."  LOL!
Have a great one!

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